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Herbert river mills – week 17 update

The Herbert mills crushed just under 180,000 tonnes for the week.

Average weekly CCS continues to trend below budget at 12.97 units.

A failed gearbox on Victoria’s B-side carrier early in the week led to reduced crushing capacity for two days until repairs were completed. Scheduled maintenance was brought forward during this period of downtime.

Victoria’s A-side mill will have a six-hour stop for shredder maintenance on Wednesday 13 October and Macknade Mill will undertake a 12-hour cleaning intermission on Wednesday 14 October.

Our locomotive crews have reported a concerning number of near hits with vehicles that are failing to observe cane rail crossing rules.

Please use your train brain. Do not encroach upon the cane rail network and always give way to cane trains.

Lindsay Wheeler
Cane Supply Manager
Herbert Region

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