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Life’s a beach: Foreshores get $2m makeover

Kept in the shade: A projected image of the new sheltered seating.

MORE than $2m is being spent to develop Hinchinbrook’s foreshores beaches.

Lucinda, Taylors and Forrest Beach have benefited from some Covid-induced state funding – and each site will be given its own look.

A new playground will be built at Taylors and sculptures of native animals will be placed at the three locations.

A barramundi will feature at Lucinda, Forrest Beach will have a turtle and a mud crab will bask at Taylors.

Automatic irrigation systems will be placed across the foreshores in a bid to keep the areas green throughout the year.

Footpaths are being built to improve disabled access to shelters, barbecues and secure parking.

Fresh landscaping and signage will be installed across the three beaches and ‘themed seating’ – which has been named ‘The Hinchinbrook Way’ – will provide a shaded resting area for locals and visitors.

In town, the Rotary Park playground will be given a face-lift and automatic irrigation installed.

A pump track or an adventure playground for teenagers is also being built.

Halifax will boast new sheltered seating overlooking the Herbert River with paths that connect to the main street.

The Queensland state government has allocated $600m to a ‘Works for Queensland’ programme to support regional councils to undertake job-creating maintenance and minor infrastructure projects – and 2.4m of has been given to Hinchinbrook Shire Council, which will fund the local works.

Around $100,000 has already been spent on Trebonne’s footpaths, creating a loop which leads to Leo Park and there is a new pavement, seating and tourism signage at the historical Trebonne Basque handball court.

Meanwhile, solar panels costing $35,000 have been installed at the Kelly Theatre – offsetting energy costs – and a $75,000 toilet refurbishment is being planned.

All work is part of a council ‘Masterplan’ and is due to be complete by the end of June next year.

A spokesperson said: ‘The Masterplan provides a vision for development in a coordinated manner, ensuring that all development works across the Shire refer to a single-point visioning document.

‘The plan has established the Shire’s brand vision, including consistent signage, way finding, street furniture, path treatments, wet play, and dining, seating, information and bbq shelters to express the Shire’s unified brand.

‘The brand identity embodies ‘The Hinchinbrook Way’.

‘Each township throughout the Shire will incorporate a consistent language of new signage and way-finding designs, with signage colours drawn from shade variants on ‘The Hinchinbrook Way’ colour palette.’

The Shire Council has been allocated a further $1.74m from a separate funding package from the Queensland government’s ‘Economic Recovery Strategy’.

In a bid to to unite and recover jobs, the state announced its $200m ‘Covid Works for Queensland’ plan that was launched in May.

Money will be used locally to build a carpark extension and recreation area at Dungeness boat ramp.

A shade sail will be placed over the existing fishing platform beside the ramp and a further washdown bay is being installed to reduce congestion during peak periods.

An upgrade to the existing toilet facilities will provide an outdoor shower for hikers returning from the Thorburn trail.

At Forrest Beach, there will be an upgrade to sewerage at RV Park.

 All projects are scheduled to be completed before the end of June next year.

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