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Wet Weather Impacts Herbert River District

Bureau of Meteorology predicts heavy rain over the coming days with the possibility of flooding

Rain associated with ex-tropical cyclone Imogen impacted Ingham and surrounds overnight and today. The rain depression converged over the district resulting in localised flash flooding.

While the river heights did not rise above moderate flood heights in the town area itself, they only reached major flood heights in the Lower Herbert reaches.

The amount of rain which fell in a short time produced flash flooding. Drains struggled as gutters filled quickly. On Townsville Road, in front of TYTO Visitors Information Centre, one motorist learnt that driving in these conditions is risky. The small white car was seen by council workers earlier this morning.

Image courtesy Caleb Rutherford

Water on Townsville Road became quite high this morning as traffic continued to drive this section of the road, despite the conditions. Council has now closed the road.

Heavy vehicles banked up in town is a clear indicator that the road north is closed. This is a familiar sight to locals during floods.

During major flood events, this area is engulfed by deep, and fast flowing flood waters.

Palm Creek which runs through the centre of town floods and cuts streets behind Ingham State Primary and the Ingham Hospital.

This is a good time to remember, ‘If it is flooded, forget it’. Do not drive or swim in floodwaters.

MacIllwraith Street, looking down Davidson Street this morning.

According to updates from Hinchinbrook Disaster Information, the Bruce Highway is closed both north at the Gairloch washaway and to the south at Andy’s Roadhouse to allow for stormwater to dissipate. If you are driving around the district today, please take care on the roads.

For further information please contact the Hinchinbrook Disaster Dashboard –

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