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Boil Water Notice – Macknade and Bemerside Residents

Hichinbrook Shire Council have issued a boil water notice to residents of Macknade and Bemerside.

Residents of these areas are asked to boil water for consumption, as a precaution, after lightning strikes tripped power at the Macknade Treatment Plant last night.

Water for consumption should be boiled as per instructions

Council advised that there are no problems with either the water quantity or pressure. The current issue involves power outages associated with chlorine dosage equipment at the Macknade Water Treatment Plant which has resulted in the need to boil water as a precautionary measure.

Council crews are working to rectify the issue as soon as possible. Updates will be provided as soon as they come to hand.

Consuming unboiled drinking water could lead to illness, especially for vulnerable people (e.g. those who are very young, elderly or those with weak immune systems). If you believe the water has made you sick, contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84), your local doctor or local hospital and advise them of your concerns.

People should use cooled boiled water or bottles water for: drinking; brushing teeth; preparing and cooking foods; washing raw foods such as fruit and vegetables; preparing beverages and making ice; preparing baby formula and sponge-bathing infants.

Unboiled drinking water can be used for: showering and bathing other than infants (avoid getting water in the mouth); sashing dishes by hand or in a dishwasher; washing clothes and flushing toilets.

People should bring drinking water to a rolling boil and then allow water to cool before using it or storing it in a clean, closed container for later use. Kettles with automatic cut-off switches are suitable for producing boiled water. Variable temperature kettles should be set to boil.

Council as also asked that this information be shared with neighbours and friends in the affected area.

For non-urgent assistance or if you are unable to check weather updates and road conditions online please contact the Hinchinbrook Local Disaster all Centre on 4776 4600.

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