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Coo To You: A Pigeon Story

A local family has developed a friendship with an unlikely pet by the name of Birnard, a wild spotted dove.

“We just found him downstairs one day,” said owner Theresa.

“He was sitting on the concrete and my toddler ran up to him and he didn’t move.”

A video shows the dove being easily picked up, handled and carried around.

“He comes and goes as he pleases. We hear him calling out to us before we see him, I copy his call then he flies up onto the balcony for some food,” Theresa said.

“He’s become so friendly he even visits the neighbour’s if we’re not home.”

“He was obviously a juvenile when we found him.

“Most spotted doves are a single colour on their chest where he was all spotty.

“Within a few days from when we first found him, he was sitting on our shoulders and preening our hair.”

When asked how Theresa knew Birnard was a male she laughed, “He has a bit of a thing for feet… does a little dance and coo and hops on your foot if you’re not careful.

“He used to only go for my husband’s foot but I guess because I’m home more I’m an easier target. He brought me a stick one day, I think he wanted me to build a nest!”

Theresa said although he gets fed by the family he still retained his wild ability to forage.

“We ran out of seed for a bit and the shops didn’t have the right one for him so he just disappeared for a few days. He always comes back.

“He’s a character, but we love him. Probably the easiest pet I’ve ever had.”

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