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What would you give to save a life? Forrest Beach Lifesavers seek support in annual appeal

Forrest Beach Surf Lifesavers and Nippers will be rattling the tin in town today for the Queensland Lifesavers Appeal.

FORREST Beach Surf Lifesavers will be out and about this weekend rattling the tin and seeking donations to help fund lifesaving beach patrols.

The Hinchinbrook outfit will join 56 other clubs in the state fundraising for vital equipment in the annual Queensland Lifesavers Appeal.

Club Vice President Graeme Gibson said: ‘The annual appeal supports the incredible work performed by our volunteer lifesavers in keeping our beaches safe.

‘While our lifesavers volunteer their time, the costs of setting up a single beach patrol can add up to more than $80,000 worth of necessary lifesaving equipment that’s required.’

Having patrolled the beach for 50 years, Mr Gibson knows what it takes to save a life: ‘Every bit counts, from donations of $20, which will restock a first aid kit, to $1000 which can help us buy a rescue board.

‘Giving in the appeal also helps us train our young lifesavers and provide continuous development programs and vital aquatic safety education to the public.’

Club’s Director of Lifesaving and Training, Lenny Chiesa, teaches junior lifesavers valuable rescue techniques and CPR.

Forrest Beach lifesavers and nippers will be walking the main streets of Ingham today.

Mr Gibson said: ‘If you are out and about in town on Saturday please stop and say hello to our team and dig deep to help us continue to provide much needed lifesaving services on our beach.’

The fundraising appeal kicked off last Saturday and runs until tomorrow.

You can also donate online at click on donate now and search Forrest Beach.

The Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) is an essential piece of lifesaving equipment on a beach patrol.

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