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Life-long fisherman Ryan Sheahan

Ryan Sheahan with his massive Barra

Name: Ryan Sheahan

Age: 29

From: Ingham

Job: Chippy at Glenn McCulloch Building

School: Ingham High

Marital status: Married to Sarah Sheahan

What type of fish: Barra

Size: 1m 5cm

Where: Herbert River

Bait: Live – that’s all I’ll give ya!

How caught: Handline – after a two minute battle

What did you do with it: Let her go

What’s special about this catch: They’re all special in their own way, whether it’s a metre or 30 cm fish. We’re just lucky to be in a place where we can enjoy a beer and catch fish like this in our backyard. People travel thousands of kilometres to catch a barramundi

Favourite fish: To eat – coral trout or red emperor. To catch – barra

River or reef: Oof. That’s a great question. Jeez. You got me stumped. I love fishing all round. Whether it’s on the banks of the river or the continental shelf – where the reef meets the deep blue

Shout out: To my wife who let me go fishing that one time

Best thing about Ingham: I like camping, fishing, hunting. I love the outdoors. We’ve got everything here

Thank you Ryan – what a whopper!

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