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More surf sports success – Forrest Beach Nippers battle it out on The Strand

The Under 14 Beach Relay Team winning gold in a close and exciting finish (l-r) Benon Hall, Louise Kaurila, John Austin and Mariam Hall.

It was another great weekend of competition for our local nippers, continuing their success at the Picnic Bay Surf Life Saving Carnival on The Strand, in Townsville on Saturday.

Forrest Beach Nippers in the Under 8s to Under 15s age groups had another opportunity to compete against clubs in the region in the one-day carnival, which marks the third carnival on the North Barrier Branch surf sports calendar for this season.

Both Under 10 competitor, Billie Lahtinen and Under 14 competitor, Mariam Hall continued their winning streak on the beach with outstanding individual performances – Billie winning the Under 10 female beach flags, spirits and board race and Mariam taking out first place in both the Under 14 female beach flags and sprints.

Forrest Beach again proved their strength on the beach in the relays with placings in four of the six entered relay events.

The Under 10 beach relay team of Billie Lahtinen, Stephen Hall, Phoebe Bradshaw and Samuel Blackford took out gold, as well as the Under 14 beach relay team of Louise Kaurila, Benon Hall, John Austin and Mariam Hall, in what was a very close and exciting finish to place first.

The Under 11 beach relay team finished strong in second, while the Under 13 team placed third.

Junior Activities Chair, Helen Kaurila said the club is proud of their nippers for always challenging themselves and giving it a go.

“It’s wonderful to see our juniors embrace all the elements of the sport and extra special to see our newest members entering events for the first time with big smiles on their faces and surprising themselves with their great results.

“Setting new challenges and goals in the sport is a great way for kids to gain confidence and have a go in a safe environment,” she said.

Surf Life Saving carnivals are an important part of the junior activities program in clubs throughout Queensland, giving young and upcoming lifesavers an opportunity to engage in regular competition to fine-tune their skills and fitness.

“Carnivals are an important part of our nipper’s program and a great way for our nippers to improve their core lifesaving skills of swimming, paddling, running and most importantly teamwork.

“Kids love coming to carnivals, hanging out with their teammates, making new friends from other clubs and sharing stories from events, which all go to creating lifelong friendships,” Mrs Kaurila said.   

The Club is now preparing to travel to Mackay this weekend for the North Australian Championships where they will go head to head with some of the best surf sports athletes in North Queensland from Hervey Bay to Port Douglas in the biggest regional surf lifesaving event in Queensland.


5th – Beach Sprint U8 Male – Kai Blackford

1st – Beach Sprint U10 Female – Billie Lahtinen

4th – Beach Sprint U10 Male – Stephen Hall

5th – Beach Sprint U12 Female – Nalini Schofield

6th – Beach Spront U12 Female – Alice Austin

3rd – Beach Sprint U13 Female – Louise Kaurila

3rd – Beach Sprint U13 Male – Benon Hall

1st – Beach Sprint U14 Female – Mariam Hall

4th – Beach Sprint U14 Male – John Austin

5th – Flags Female – Millie Bartolini

1st – Flags U10 Female – Billie Lahtinen

6th – Flags U10 Male – Samuel Blackford

3rd – Flags U12 Female – Nalini Schofield

4th – Flags U12 Female – Ruby MacPherson

5th – Flags U12 Female – Ellie Lahtinen

2nd – Flags U12 Female – Louise Kaurila

2nd – Flags U12 Male – Benon Hall

1st – Flags U14 Female – Mariam Hall

6th – Surf Race U10 Male – Stephen Hall

6th – Surf Race U12 Female – Nalini Schofield

1st – Board Race U10 Female – Bille Lahtinen

5th – Board Race U10 Male – Stephen Hall

4th – Board Race U12 Female – Nalini Schofield

4th – Wade Race U10 Female – Billie Lahtinen

4th – Wade Race U10 Male – Stephen Hall

4th – U9 Beach Relay Mixed – Kai Blackford, Phoebe Bradshaw, Yiyi Huang, Tiffany McFayden.

1st – U10 Beach Relay Mixed – Samuel Blackford, Phoebe Bradshaw, Stephen Hall, Billie Lahtinen.

2nd – U11 Beach Relay Mixed – Addison Bradshaw, Stephen Hall, Billie Lahtinen, Gypsy Marshall.

4th – U12 Beach Relay Mixed – Alice Austin, Addison Bradshaw, Ruby MacPherson, Nalini Schofield.

3rd – U13 Beach Relay Mixed – Alice Austin, Benon Hall, Louise Kaurila, Nalini Schofield.

1st – U14 Beach Relay Mixed – John Austin, Mariam Hall, Benon Hall, Louise Kaurila.

3rd – U13 Board Relay Mixed – Benon Hall, Louise Kaurila, Nalini Schofield.

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