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Ingham Rally spectator map: Where to see all the action

The Ingham Rally is set to rev up our region.

The spectator access map shows the designated area where the public can watch the rally cars.

SPECTATORS are encouraged to get along and see the rally cars in action this Saturday at the Ingham Toyota Forest Rally.

If you want to see rally cars sliding sideways in the dirt and dust, you can watch it all at the designated spectator point at the corner of Jocks Lodge Road and Manor Creek Road at Broadwater.

Event Coordinator Ian Gough said: ‘There will be a spectator point with lots of action there as the rally cars come past.

‘Spectators can expect to see lots of cars sliding sideways, some possibly spinning around, dust and dirt flying up in the air, lots of noise, all good clean fun.

‘We had up to 70 people watching there last year, so it should be great.

‘We normally also get people watching from their front yard as we go past.’

The rally kicks off at the Long Pocket Country Women’s Association (CWA) Hall beside the Ashton Hotel where the first car will head off on the course at 9.30 am, racing stages through Long Pocket, Lannercost State Forest and Broadwater.

The first car is expected to pass through the spectator point just after 11 am, followed by a further 17 cars, all roughly within two minutes of each other.

Drivers will complete the course three times during the day which will include both tight technical sections that will challenge the drivers to stay on the road, along with fast flowing sections where speeds could exceed 200 kilometres per hour.

This gives spectators the opportunity to see the rally at three different times throughout the day.

Mr Gough said: ‘Spectators will be able to see about 30 to 40 minutes of action with each loop of the course.

‘Starting with the first car from just after 11 am, then there will be no more cars for a while, as we do the whole loop up to Wallaman and Lannercost Forest and then back at the spectator point about 1.30 pm and then again at 3.30 pm.

‘These times are only a rough estimate and people should be there half-an-hour before so be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen and deck chair.’

A map of the viewing area for spectators to see the rally cars in action.

Townsville City Autosports Club is hosting the event which has been in planning since last year’s Broadwater Rally and the club is passionate about making it an annual event, attracting drivers from all over the country.

Mr Gough said the event was more than just a rally race but about showcasing the Ingham region which has world famous attractions and some of the ‘best rally roads’ in the country.

He said: ‘Drivers are going to experience some of the best rally roads in the country.

‘This is not just coming from a very biased old Inghamite, but from the likes of Ross Dunkerton and Simon Jansen, winners of multiple events around the world and Australia.

‘They rate the roads around Ingham as some of the best they’ve seen.’

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