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Ingham Bowls Club results and notes

Friday Men’s Pairs, 28 Aug 2020

Legend: Lead (L), Second (2nd), Third (3rd), Skip (S)

Friday 28 Aug 2020

Men’s Pairs

Winners: Andrew Cole, Ian Muldowney


Andrew Cole (L), Ian Muldowney (S)


Stan Cotton (L) , John Hamlyn (S)

28 to 14

Russell Petersen (L) , Peter Herman(S)


Gary Brierley (L) , Stan Richards (S)

29 to 21

Trevor Pallanza (L), Tony Koop (3rd), Ren Cantatore (S)

Drew with

Dennis Parton (L), Pat Ryan (3rd), Jim Dunn (S)

16 all.


Saturday 29 Aug 2020

Interclub – Moduline Trophy at Macknade

Ingham 2 lost to Macknade 3

Skips names only

Brad Wilson (Ingham) lost to Nev Bywater (Macknade) 21 to 24

John Hamlyn (Ingham) lost to Bob Brooker (Macknade) 8 to 23

Cliff Johnson (Ingham) lost to Brett Haupt (Macknade) 11 to 16

Phil Kite (Ingham) defeated J. Tucker (Macknade) 23 to 19

Frank Pallanza (Ingham) defeated Steve Maggiora 26 to 20


Sunday 30 Aug 2020

Social Mixed Bowls

Winners: Roger Celotto, John Eddleston, Cliff Johnson, Elsa Piotto on points


Roger Cellotto (L), John Eddleston (2nd), Cliff Johnson (3rd), Elsa Piotto (S)


John Lone (L), Alf Di Bella (2nd), Michael Porta (3rd), Norma Evans (S)

27 to 8 – 22 points to 5 points

Pat Ryan (L), Jan Craven (3rd), John Hamlyn (S)


John Holmes (L), Luisa Di Bella (3rd), Peter Herman (S)

31 to 12 – 20 points to 7 points

Maria Moore (L), John Piotto (3rd), Frank Pallanza (S)


Bev Eddleston (L), Ren Cantatore (3rd), Tony Koop (S)

26 to 13 – 18 points to 11 points

Clare Bourke (L), Michael Bube (2nd), Ken Coad (3rd), Stan Richards (S)


Judy Fenoglio (L), Max Thompson (2nd), David Horsley (3rd), Alan Torielli (S)

22 to 14 18 points to 9 points


Friday Men’s Pairs

Friday 4 Sep 2020 at 2.15 pm

Names in to Club by 1.45 pm.

Ring 47762117

Game starts at 2.15 pm

Bar Open.


Mixed Social Bowls

Sunday 6 Sep 2020

Names in to club by 12.30 pm.

Ring 47762117.

Game starts at 1.30 pm. Bar Open.

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