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Ingham Bowls Club Results and Notes


Legend: Lead (L), Second (2nd), Third (3rd), Skip (S)

Friday 6 Nov 2020

Men’s pairs

Winners:  Andrew Cole, Pat Ryan.


Andrew Cole, Pat Ryan


Ian Wood, Peter Herman

24 to 14

Albert Bison, Allen Torielli, Ren Cantatore


Kevin Lawlor, Rico Basaglia, Tony Koop

23 to 21

Gary Brierley, Cliff Johnson


Delmo Ganza, John Hamlyn.

17 to 15

John Eddleston, Stan Cotton.


John Holmes, Kevin Walker

16 to 14


Sunday 08 Nov 2020

Mixed social bowls

Winners:  Michael Bube, Jan Craven, Alf Di Bella

Scores:  Michael Bube (L), Jan Craven (3rd) Alf Di Bella (S)


Bev Eddleston  (L), Kevin Walker (3rd), Tony Koop (S)

30 to 12 : 21 points to 7 points

Maria Moore  (L), Ian Wood (2nd) Norma Evans (3rd),  John Hamlyn (S)


Jan Colson (L), Stan Cotton (2nd), John Eddleston  (3rd), Ren Cantatore (S)

24 to 12 : 17 points to 9  points

John Lone (L), Len Mahon (2nd), Elsa Piotto (3rd), Rico Basaglia (S)


Roger Celotto (L), Grace Cockrell (2nd), Pat Ryan (3rd), Cliff Johnson (S)

28 to 20 : 19 points to 9 points

Kevin Lawlor (L), Alan Hodson (3rd), John Piotto (S)


Max Thompson (L), Luisa Di Bella (3rd), Peter Herman (S)

23 to 16 : 17 points to 10 points


Thursday barefoot bowls

Thursday 12 Oct 2020

Barefoot bowls has been postponed until further notice


Friday 13 Nov  2020 at 2.15 pm

Men’s pairs

Names in to club by 1.45 pm.

Ring 47762117

Game starts at 2.15 pm

Bar open.


Sunday 15 Nov 2020

Dunn Cup celebrations

Mixed social bowls

Names into the club by 6 pm Saturday 14 Nov 2020

Phone 4776 2117

Game starts at 1.30 pm

Bar open.

Free BBQ after the game.

Sunday bar roster:  Frank Pallanza

Sunday selectors: Allen Torielli and Rico Basaglia

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