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Having a bowl: Results of Friday Men’s Pairs 24 Jul 2020

Winners: Russell Petersen, Mick Porta.

Russell Petersen, Mick Porta
Des Hoffman, Pat Ryan
32 – 12

Andrew Cole, Peter Herman
John Eddleston, Tony Koop
26 – 13

Trevor Pallanza, Stan Richards
Stan Cotton, Jimmy Dunn
23 – 13

Gary Brierley, Kevin Walker
Kevin Lawlor, Phil Wright
20 – 12

Treigh Cuzner, Nathaniel Cuzner
Dennis Parton, Brad Wilson
13 – 12

Friday Men’s Pairs 31 Jul 2020
Names in at the Club by 1.45 pm,
Ring 47762117
Game begins at 2.15 pm
Bar Open

Sunday Mixed Social Bowls, 2nd Aug 2020
Names in at the Club by 12.30 pm
Ring 47762117
Bar Open

Selectors – Rico Basaglia

Sunday Morning Bar – Alan Torielli.

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