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Who is Scott Piper?

WITH the state elections four weeks away – Ingham Daily Press reached out to the five people who have put their hats in the ring to be voted Hinchinbrook’s voice in Queensland’s parliament for the next three years.

Each candidate was sent the same script of questions.

Here are Liberal National Party member Scott Piper’s responses:

Who: Scott Piper.

How old: 42.

What party: LNP (Liberal National Party).

Where from: I was born in Sydney but moved to Townsville when I was 7.

Where you live now: Bushland Beach – I’ve been in the northern beaches for 27 years.

What is your background: Over the past eight years I’ve been a small business owner in event management, technology and fitness facilities. Prior to this I have obtained a variety of skills through 23 years in the IT industry holding management positions of IT firms.

What’s your connection to Hinchinbrook: I have lived in the northern beaches for over 27 years and I’ve seen it grow in various ways. I spent my teenage years mowing lawns and working at the Bushland Beach store, with this providing me some very strong values and work ethic at a young age. Many a game has been played on the Ingham soccer fields along with regular trips to the reef via Dungeness.

When and why did you decide to go into politics: After graduating from the Townsville emerging leaders programme in 2015, my interest peaked in connecting with people of all walks of life. I gain a great sense of achievement in connecting people to achieve an outcome. As a small business owner and a member of many community committees, it was time for me to use this energy and passion at a larger scale, as there is far too much talk of action and very little outcomes.

I’ve been involved in the community and in business and I can see that Labor only cares about Brisbane. I want to help the community, make a difference – and the best way to do that is by fighting for my community in parliament.

The Palaszczuk government doesn’t have a plan for jobs, health, schools and roads.

Labor can’t be trusted to fix the crime crisis in our region.

I am a proud small business owner and small businesses are the lifeblood for many towns – but we’ve been hammered by this government. Small businesses have been an afterthought from Annastacia Palaszczuk during this pandemic. Who better to fight for small business than someone who runs a small business?

A Deb Frecklington LNP Government will back small business, build a strong economy and create new jobs.

Why are you standing in this election: Labor has neglected the North for too long. It is time to change the government and get Queensland working again. Hinchinbrook needs a member and a party that can deliver outcomes and not simply lobby and make promises that are not held to account.

Why should people vote for you: My transparency, honesty, work ethic and accountability are said to be my strongest attributes. My diverse background has allowed me to be a very strategic and realistic thinker. Having a strong commercial background and a career path based on hard work and ‘start at the bottom’ pathway also should provide confidence to our community that I understand their messages when we talk about issues – we then find solutions together.

Why did you join your political party: The values of the LNP resonate with the person that I am and how I was raised.

What in your view are the major issues Hinchinbrook faces: Our electorate is very diverse and with the boundary changes in 2017 this saw a mix of urban voters now join a heavy rural based voter pool. This has opened a broad cross-section of new and old issues that need to be tackled. While this could be seen as a negative to either variant it is actually a positive if harnessed correctly and managed correctly. Labor has placed our state in over $100b of debt that was well and truly evident before Covid – and will see multi-generations left to pay this back. We need to change the government to get Queensland out of this recession and support our major industries – such as mining and agriculture – that will drag us out of this.

What’s going well: Our agriculture sector has been one of the two industries that have been solid through this crisis yet our Labor government wants to hamper it with red and green tape.

What would you like to do if you are elected: Start delivering for Hinchinbrook and provide the investment the region deservers right across the electorate. There has been plenty of lobbying, petitions and stunts -however, very little outcomes for the region.

How would you fund this: The LNP has a budget and has a plan unlike our current Labor government.

What do you do in your spare time: As a small business owner there is very little spare time, however, in the rare gaps, I do enjoy the gym, spending time with my family, and of course my partner Kate.

What are your values: Honesty, transparency, empathy. work ethic and most important – never forget where you came from.

Who’s your favourite sports team: Manchester United.

What’s your favourite movie: Bad Boys.

What’s your favourite food: Chicken.

Who inspires you and why: My mum and dad – they provided me with the strong values of discipline, honestly, empathy and hard work. They taught me to be humble, work hard and the rewards will come.

What is your stance on reef reforms: The LNP have strongly opposed the reef regulations and we recognise the significance of our environment and with that we need to find a balance. We must have evidence-based science to achieve the necessary balance.

What impact will Covid-19 have over the next three years: We need a plan and a vision, both these are what myself and the new LNP government have. It will be about creating jobs, enticing private investment with confidence and securing major projects that will allow the region to grow and prosper.

How would you try to manage this if elected: Myself and a new LNP led government has a very comprehensive plan – and I urge people to head to to learn more.

What is your stance on recycling: There is significant advancement in this space and large private investment already occurring. I support the advancements in this space and there are actually exciting new private firms investing and pioneering in this space with recyclable materials starting in our region. These need to be supported.

Council are predicting that Warren’s Hill will be full by 2030 and no
more landfills will be built. What are your ideas about how Hinchinbrook can deal with waste management after this date:
The Hinchinbrook Council is a very progressive council and I am sure they are already planning ahead.

What do you love about Hinchinbrook: What is not to love about Hinchinbrook. From the beautiful rural properties at Rangewood and Rupertswood on the west side to all the majestic suburbs and towns right up the coast on the east side. We have it covered on every angle. That provides the perfect recipe for success if we have a government like LNP to work hand in hand with our electorate.

What are your goals if you are elected, and how will you achieve them: To be part of an LNP team that leads Queensland out of this recession and deliver real outcomes for my electorate.

What else would you like to add: Only an LNP Government will get Queensland working again.

Already I have committed so far:

  1. A sustainable solution to the One Mile Creek with $2.5M of funding on top of our federal commitment of $1.5M along with directing Ports North to undertake ongoing maintenance.
  2. A sustainable solution to the Dungeness boat ramp – with $2m of funding for a new rock wall and dredging.
  3. Safer marine access at Forrest Beach with – $2m committed to a new boat ramp and pontoon at Cassidy Creek.
  4. A police beat to be located at Deeragun Woodlands Shopping Village.
  5. Planning funding for sustainable road infrastructure in the northern beaches, with $500,000 of funding commitment to plan for safer and more efficient road access.
  6. Committed funding to juvenile reinvestment, with $100,000 to Wonderland Station.

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