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Wet weather wipes 30% off weekly cane crush

'Hinchinbrook coming to life,' photo by Sharon Curle.

WET weather reduced this week’s sugar cane crush in Hinchinbrook by almost 70 thousand tonnes.

That is more than the weight of Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is just under 53 thousand tonnes.

The reduction wipes off more than 30% of the total from previous week’s crushing figures from the Victoria and Macknade mills.

In total the amount crushed this week was just under 146 thousand tonnes, down from 213.5 thousand the week before.

Wilmar supply manager Lindsay Wheeler said: ‘Total weekly throughput was limited to 145,753 tonnes of cane.

‘The reduced throughput was due to wet weather in the latter part of the week impacting harvesting operations.

‘There was also a scheduled maintenance stop for Victoria’s B side on Wednesday.

‘There was a modest 0.23 of a unit improvement in CCS [commercial cane sugar] levels over the previous week.’

Mrs Wheeler said that families should take extra caution with trains during the school holidays.

She added: ‘With the commencement of school holidays, parents and carers are asked to remind children of the dangers associated with cane trains.

‘Children should stay well away from the tracks, points, locos and cane bins.’

We are now more than halfway through the 2020 cane crush season, with the total amount of sugar processed expected to be 4.16 m tonnes.

Around 2.283 m tonnes has been crushed up to now.

This report is from week 13 of the 2020 crush, which ended on Saturday 19 September.

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