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Crushing news: We’re half way there!

'Hinchinbrook coming to life,' photo by Sharon Curle.

WE are half way through the 2020 cane crushing season.

More than 2.1 m tonnes of sugar has been crushed over 12 weeks.

That is the weight of nine thousand Statue of Liberties.

More than 4.16 m tonnes has been forecast to be processed over the season.

The weekly total was 212,550 tonnes and commercial cane sugar (CCS) levels rose to 13.68 units, taking the season average to 12.45 units.

The higher the CCS level, the more money farmers receive per tonne.

Victoria’s A-side mill had a 12-hour planned maintenance stop on and Macknade Mill had a four-hour stop for shredder tips.

Tomorrow Victoria Mill’s B-side will have a 12-hour maintenance stop and there is a 12-hour maintenance stop planned for Macknade Mill on Thursday.

Grower relations officer Julie Cantoni said: ‘With school holidays due to commence on Friday 18 September, parents and guardians are urged to remind children about the importance of staying well away from train corridors and agricultural operations.’

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