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Week 9 crushing news: How did a brolga shutdown the mill that pumps Ingham’s economy?

'Hinchinbrook coming to life,' photo by Sharon Curle.

A BROLGA has caused the complete shut-down of Victoria Mill – the plant that is the economic heartbeat of Ingham.

Australia’s largest waterbird is famed for its mating-dance.

Standing a metre tall and with a wing-span of almost two-and-a-half times that size, the wetlands animal is one of the country’s largest flying birds.

This week a brolga made contact with an electrical transformer, causing widespread power outages – including shutting down the mill.

According to Bush Heritage, contact with power lines is an on-going threat to the species, along with wetland drainage for agriculture and development.

The birds mate for life and pairs have been recorded as returning to the same nest for 20 years.

More than 1.5m tonnes of cane has now been crushed, and this week’s figures recorded the highest level of commercial cane sugar (CCS).

The amount farmers are paid depends of the level of sugar content in the cane, which is known as CCS.

The 0.51 of a unit improvement saw average weekly CCS eclipse 13 units for the first time this season, though it is still tracking below budget, at 11.97.

Around 204 thousand tonnes of cane was crushed this week – the season’s total is forecast to exceed 4m tonnes.

Victoria Mill completed a B-side cleaning intermission on Thursday while Victoria A-side undertook an 11-hour maintenance stop yesterday.

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