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Victorian grandad refused Hinchinbrook haircut: ‘It’s a mob mentality’

FEAR of Covid-19 has led to a Victorian grandfather being refused a haircut in Hinchinbrook.

The 62-year-old arrived before the borders closed after a second wave of the virus broke out in the southern state.

He travelled to be at the birth of his first grandchild and had been in North Queensland for five weeks when he tried to get his hair cut.

The man said:  ‘We went to get our hair cut and we were refused even though we said we had been in Queensland for close to five weeks.

‘It was because our address came up as Victorians. We were labelled on those grounds.

‘We did eventually find someone to cut our hair, but still it was: ‘How long have you been here?’

‘I understand people’s concerns and I wouldn’t want to destroy people’s utopia having just come from a high risk area. I don’t blame them.

‘But I’ve never experienced anything like it.’

The man, whose family do not wish for him to be named, added: ‘When we said we were from Victoria people automatically assumed we were there illegally.

‘I do not want to be misquoted but I did say at one point that I can imagine how the Jews felt before the Second World War.

‘A mob mentality that pushes your own people against you even if you’ve lived there your whole life.

‘It’s not even a fraction of what they [Jewish people in Nazi Germany before the outbreak of World War Two] would have gone through – but I never thought I would be treated like that in Australia.

Other than the discrimination he faced, the man said he had enjoyed his time in Hinchinbrook.

‘Most people up there are beautiful. It’s just God’s country. The whole environment is fantastic. It’s totally understated.

‘Anything negative is totally overshadowed by the good time I had.’

There were reports that an elderly man driving a vehicle with Victorian number plates had been abused at a carpark in town shortly after the second wave broke out in Victoria.

An eye witness said: ‘He was saying he had a bunch of youngsters come up to him and start saying he shouldn’t be there spreading his disease.

‘He tried to explain he had been there a while. He was quite old. It’s sad.’

A meme that was being sent around on social media read: ‘It’s okay to take a sh*t on a bonnet if it has Victorian number plates’.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced on 10 July that Queensland would completely close its borders to Victoria.

The second wave is suspected to have begun with failures in the hotel quarantine of travellers arriving from overseas.

On Sunday 6 September 2020 the Victorian Government released the roadmap to reopening.

Regional Victoria and Melbourne Metro each have their own roadmaps, relating to how many active cases are currently in the community.

According to, in Victoria as of 10 September:

  • There have been 394 cases reported over the past week, a decrease from the 625 cases reported in the previous week 
  • While cases have spanned all age groups the majority of people recently diagnosed with COVID-19 in Victoria have been aged 20 to 59 years
  • There are currently 169 cases in hospital; this has decreased from 361 hospitalised cases 7 days ago.

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