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Tony Maloney: ‘Buy the man a drink!’

Abergowrie bush poet Tony Maloney, the leprechaun pony.

I woke up feeling slightly rough

To news that we had been cut off

Mark Zuckerberg had flexed his might

Deleted Daily Press’ site!

Because the feds want him to pay

For news he feeds off every day

The two Goliaths faced at dawn

Both kings on chess boards – but a pawn

As little as our IDP

Was cut off at the head and knee

And Ingham’s online rag was not

The only site that had been shot

Yes Nick Dametto roared in rage

The buggers had rubbed out his page!

Now politics I don’t endorse – though

Nicky has a lovely torso

But it was his lion heart

That made Mark Zuckerberg restart

His own page and the IDP

Go Nicky boy! That’s our MP!

So if young Nick you chance to see

Please buy the man a drink – or three!

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