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The ‘Reel Deal’: ‘It’s a competition between me and Dad’ – Alana Romano tells her big fish story

'It's always a good on the water spending time with my dad': Alana Romano with her father Clay.

Who: Alana Romano

How old: 18

Where from: Longpocket

What: Apprentice diesel fitter

School: Santa Maria Gilroy College – graduated last year

What type of fish: Nannygai

Where caught: Reef

Bait: Can’t tell ya

Rod: Penn

Reel: Penn

What’s special about this catch: It’s always a good day on the water spending time with my dad, catching fish and having some fun. But there’s always a bit of a contest too. I let him have this one!

What did you do with her: Straight in the esky

Favourite fish: Red emperor

River or reef: Both

Best thing about Hinchinbrook: Best of both worlds; cane fields and the reef. Not much more you can ask for.

Thank you for sharing your big fish story Alana!

What a whopper! (is your dad holding your fish?)

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