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Supermarket shelves empty: Woolworths expands product limits across Queensland due to floods

Bare shelves in Ingham forcing product limits on select items.

WOOLWORTHS has expanded purchase limits on a range of categories in its supermarkets in southern Queensland and select supermarkets in northern NSW where key supply lines have been impacted by ongoing flooding and road closures.

The move extends product limits statewide across Queensland, following the announcement of initial limits in Central and North Queensland earlier this week, to help ensure all customers have fair access to essential products as the retailer works to improve stock flow into stores.

Woolworths has executed contingency plans to move as much stock as possible into flood affected regions, utilising alternative inland distribution lines to circumvent flood waters and road closures on key routes into south east Queensland, as well as northern regions.

These contingencies include deliveries into Queensland from South Australia and routes via Emerald in Central Queensland to reach stores in the state’s north, following the loss of key road and rail transport links to the south.

Supermarket shelves in Ingham have been left bare again as a result of the ongoing flooding and road closures in the south-east and northern NSW.

Woolworths Director of Stores, Jeanette Fenske said: “As floods continue to ravage the east coast, critical supply lines into northern NSW and throughout Queensland have been impacted by road closures, limiting how quickly we can get stock into flood affected regions.

“To help ensure more customers have access to food and essentials, we’ve introduced product limits on select categories across Queensland and select northern NSW stores while we work through these disruptions.

“We have contingency plans in place and are doing everything we can to safely get stock into our stores via alternative road routes. We know the coming days are expected to bring more extreme weather as rain travels south and we will continue to monitor the situation closely, planning ahead for potential disruptions in NSW,” Ms Fenske said.

“We thank customers for their understanding and encourage them to be mindful of others in the community and only buy what they need.

“Our thoughts are with all those impacted by these devastating floods, including many of our own team members, as we work to support communities during this exceptionally challenging time,” she said.

Woolworths has introduced the following purchase limits on the products listed below in-store and online across all Queensland stores, and select northern NSW stores.

Two pack limit:

Paper Towels

Facial tissues



Long Life Milk

Fresh Milk



Chicken breasts

Chicken thighs

Medicinal (Paracetamol/Ibuprofen/Aspirin)

One pack limit:

Toilet Paper

Bulk or Multipack Still Water

The severe weather has forced around 20 Woolworths stores to close at various stages within recent days due to flooding or team members who are not able to get to work, while others are operating with reduced opening hours.

“Product limit update” signs are dotted around Woolworths leaving customers wondering when food will return to the shelves.

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