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Speedsters crossing in front of trains caught on CCTV

Photo by Sharon Curle.

'Hinchinbrook coming to life,' photo by Sharon Curle.

DRIVERS who risk racing through flashing red lights and over tracks as cane trains approach are being filmed – and footage is being sent to the police.

A close collision near Cartwright Street and other breaches have prompted Wilmar to make a  public appeal to road-users to respect on-coming trains.

Supply manager Lindsey Wheeler said: ‘Motorists are again reminded to approach cane rail crossings with caution, following a near hit at the Cartwright Street crossing.

‘Locomotive camera vision has revealed that motorists are continuing to engage in dangerous behaviour at cane rail crossings, such as ignoring flashing lights and racing trains through crossings.

‘Motorists are reminded that CCTV footage of these types of incidents is provided to police.’

Close to 210,500 tonnes of cane was crushed over tenth week of the 2020 season and a further 210,000 was processed in week 11.

Commercial cane sugar (CCS) levels in week 10, which measure the amount of sugar in a crush and affect the financial return for farmers, jumped nearly half a unit on the previous week to average 13.51.

CCS levels improved fractionally at end the week 11 at 13.52 units.

The season average to date CCS is now 12.31 units.

Victoria B-side mill undertook a scheduled maintenance and cleaning stop on Tuesday 7 September while the A-side underwent a 12-hour cleaning intermission yesterday.

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