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School bus crashes with 4WD on Dalrymple Creek bridge

A SCHOOL bus collided with a 4WD on a Dalrymple Creek bridge just before 8am this morning – leaving a man in his 50s with serious injuries.

The three children who were travelling on the bus are reported to have escaped without physical injury but emergency services had to free a man from his car.

He is said to have suffered chest and leg injuries.

A rescue helicopter was sent to Hawkins Creek Road, where the accident happened.

Last month a teacher aide launched a campaign to have Abergowrie Road widened, stating: ‘A crash between a school bus crash and a heavy duty vehicle is an accident waiting to happen.’

Kitrina Tomba said that parts of Abergowrie Road are ‘barely wide enough for two SUVs to pass each other’.

She contacted local MP Nick Dametto who was seeking vocal support from the community.

Hawkins Creek Road connects to Abergowrie Road.

During cane cutting season both roads are busy with heavy duty vehicles.

Speaking in July, Mrs Tomba said: ‘The way the road is – it’s an accident waiting to happen.

‘A cattle truck missed me by millimeters the other day. They never slow down.

‘I always slow down and try to pull over, but you can’t when they come around a corner, or if you’ve got a car behind you.

‘It’s the school buses I worry most about. It must be terrifying for those kids, having to pass oversized vehicles and trucks.

‘The cost of the work would be nothing compared to keeping children safe.’

The Abergowrie local started delivering flyers around the community, and asking other people to speak up.

She added: ‘I wrote to (MP for Hinchinbrook) Nick Dametto, who got back to me saying that he would look into it – and that I should get as many people to speak up as possible.

‘He gave me an official email address to write to.

‘I’ve been saying it for years – this road is dangerous.’

Kitrina Tomba said last month that a school bus collision was ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

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