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NQ crime wrap: Alleged samurai sword wielding pot smoker charged

A 53-YEAR-OLD man has been charged following an incident with a samurai sword in Townsville.

Police allege that at around 12.55pm the Heatley man was walking in Boyes Court while in possession of the sword, which he was allegedly brandishing at people in the street on Monday.

Police attended and arrested the man.

Officers will further allege that the arrested man was in possession of cannabis.

He has been charged with going armed so as to cause fear and possessing dangerous drugs and is expected to appear in the Townsville Magistrates Court on October 13.

Baton and knife allegedly used in Rasmussen armed robbery

A 22-YEAR-OLD Condon woman has been charged with one count of armed robbery following an incident in Rasmussen, Townsville.

Police allege that at about 9.30 pm, the woman forced entry into house in Koinonia Court with another female and two males.

Once inside, the woman removed a number of items, including a television, three bottles of alcohol and a play station on Friday September 25.

The woman and her associates allegedly threatened the person inside and witnesses with a baton-like implement and a knife.

On Saturday September 27 police executed a search warrant on a residence in Condon and allegedly located a number of items relevant to this incident.

The woman was arrested, charged and is expected to appear in the Townsville Magistrates Court on October 2.

Investigations are continuing in relation to the other unknown offenders.

Drink driving, Charters Towers

A 26-YEAR-OLD Mareeba man has been charged with high range drive driving after a traffic stop in Charters Towers yesterday morning.

Police will allege that at around 2.50 am on Tuesday morning, they observed a white Holden commodore travelling on New Queen Road, Richmond Hill, before they intercepted the vehicle for the purpose of a roadside breath test.

The driver was transported to Charters Towers police station for further testing where it will be alleged he recorded a positive blood alcohol concentration of 0.219 per cent BAC.

He has been charged with driving under the influence of liquor and driving a motor vehicle other than as allowed under an interlock condition and is expected to appear in the Charters Towers Magistrates Court on November 2.

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