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KAP political communication: Dametto shines a light on road safety

Nick Dametto, Member for Hinchinbrook has written to Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey to suggest a public communication campaign for motorists to use their hazards lights when stationary on highways. 

“Recently, two young men and a woman tragically lost their lives in a double incident on the Bruce Highway. I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the families.

“Since this devastating accident, many constituents have contacted my office, expressing their concerns and suggesting an education campaign to encourage motorists to put their hazard lights on when at a standstill on the highway,” said Mr Dametto.

North Queensland’s Highways and Main Roads are experiencing many roadworks, which can be dangerous. My recommendation is to encourage road users to utilise hazard lights when stationary at roadworks and increase advisory signs.

“I know of two accidents between El Arish and Tully where a vehicle has run into cars pulled up at roadworks. 

“This campaign will be a step in the right direction to encourage road users to take precautions when driving and actively think about road safety every time they get behind the wheel.

“Turing on hazard lights when stationary at roadworks encourages drivers to think about our surroundings and make ourselves more visible,” said Mr Dametto.

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