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Horse power at the heart of Hinchinbrook

Kaley Roveglia, Evie Gibson and Katie D'Amico holding Elise Gibson with pony Buddy. Photo by Danielle Gibson

By Amanda Griffiths

ASK anyone who owns a horse and they will tell you that two feet move your body – but four feet will move your soul.  

In 2015 Hitch’n’Ride was established by a group of local women who wanted to make a difference in their community. 

It’s a non for profit horse sports club which focuses on providing a family friendly fun environment for riders and spectators. 

Events are all about getting out and giving it a go, with riders ranging from toddlers to grandparents.

Riding is a passion for club members, and they harness that passion to raise funds for Ingham Palliative Care and local charities.

The club has also raised money for local families experiencing cancer.  

Hitch’n’Ride and its members are a fine portrayal of the ‘True Blue’ Aussie spirit, and meetings have been overwhelmingly supported by the community.

Everyone is willing to help to support these families during a difficult time in their lives.  

Groups like this that are the invisible threads which strengthen and join a country town together when times may be tough.

In 2019 the club move to their current home at old Long Pocket School.  

The arena is nestled amongst majestic gum trees and is located on the banks of the mighty Herbert River.  

This humble little club is the heart of the Long Pocket community and welcomes families from around the district to join in the fun at their events.

You could see akubras, saddles, horse floats and an impressive line up of horses and adorable little ponies when proud riders descended upon the grounds for their first meet of the year last week.

Spectators from all over the district came to have a fun afternoon and were entertained by the novelty and feature events.

The next event will be held on the 15th May 2021 and they encourage locals to join in on the fun.

‘Wide open spaces and the fresh country air, ride like no-one is watching, letting the wind blow through your hair’. (Amanda Griffiths).

Claire Nicita is all smiles. Photo by Vicki Nicita.
Kenzi Murdoch with her winners ribbons.
Aleesha Nicita. Photo by Vicki Nicita.
James Blanco and Joey Nicita. Photo by Vicki Nicita.
Joey Nicita and Kenzi Murdoch. Photo by Vicki Nicita.
Kenzi Murdoch and Logan Butler.
Cait Sheahan (5) riding her pony Twinkle.
Archer Carr (3) collecting his prize from club president Samantha Sellick. 
Mia Carr (5) with her pony Aladdin.
Casey Celotto (8) leading little sister Chloe (6).
Rory Sheahan with his dad Cody.

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