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Grazing with the girls – frock up, heels on and wear your best pearls

Panelists Alicia Masters, Kaitlin Bona, Grazing With The Girls Organiser Kaitlin Venables and Lindsay Chinotti

WOMEN from around the district gathered for the Inspirational Women’s Night Grazing With The Girls event which was held at the Forrest Beach Hotel.

The event was organised and hosted by young local businesswoman Kaitlin Venables, who has brought her vision to life by creating an event management business called Grazing With The Girls. 

Kaitlin has staged several unique events over the past year.  

 She said: ‘Event planning and hosting has always been an interest of mine ever since high school.  It’s a career I always wanted to pursue.’

The crowd were treated to a fashion parade by Elle J, operated by Kaitlin’s sister Lauren.  She offers glamorous outfits available to hire for special events.

The evening featured three panelists, aspiring local businesswoman who gave the audience an insight into how they were able to bring their dreams to life by creating their own unique businesses.

The trio consisted of Alicia Masters from North Queensland Tours, Kaitlin Bona of LB Clothing Co and Lindsay Chinotti , who runs ILove Boutique.

During the night the women were spoilt with grazing platters and cocktails and it gave them the opportunity to mingle with their friends and network with others.

The panelists were interviewed by Kaitlin, where she asked them a series of questions. 

North Queensland Tours founder Alicia spoke about how she left her corporate role in the government to follow her dream of starting a business in tourism.  

She said: ‘I grew up enjoying the great outdoors with my family.  

We spent a lot of time roadtripping across the country.  I knew from a young age that I was destined to one day work in tourism.’

She told the audience to ‘listen to your heart and follow your intuition’.

Alicia said her mother always told her: ‘Everything happens for a reason.  Although things may not seem like it at the time, it will always work out.’

‘She believes that life is lived forwards, work it out backwards.’

Lindsay Chinotti, Renee Currie, Tynneal Castles and Diane Mancinelli.

Beautiful things came together one stitch at a time for local seamstress Kaitlin Bona from LB Clothing Co.

The local seamstress had the desire to have a creative outlet and things simply grew from there. 

This vibrant, motivated and talented lady made the decision to commence her label in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

She made the tough decision to follow her lifelong passion of sewing and thought, ‘Why not give it a go?’

She said: ‘You will never know how things will go unless you give it a try.

‘I bought my first sewing machine five years ago without knowing how to use it.  

‘On a whim, I bought a pattern and gave it ago and the rest is history. 

‘It just shows if you have the courage to follow your dreams and give things a try you may succeed.’

Kaitlin Bona.

In seven short months she has made significant strides forwards.  Kaitlin is now selling her clothing interstate and her business continues to flourish and grow. 

Working hard behind the scenes for her first official launch and she is excited about her other plans for the business.

Stylish ILove Boutique store owner, Lindsay Chinotti said she took a chance when she purchased the business.  

Lindsay was hairdressing at the time and was craving a change in career. On a shopping trip it sparked change when the business owner approached and asked if she wanted to buy the store.  

She said: ‘I had no experience operating a business but fashion is a passion of mine and thought she’s had nothing to lose..

‘I enjoying dressing people, it’s a nice feeling to see customers have a big smile when they leave the store. 

‘It’s very rewarding when they post photos on social media for everyone to see.  It makes me proud that they place their trust in me to help them.’

Lindsay added: ‘You can be successful if you are determined and willing to succeed.’

She has big plans for the future, including possibly creating her own brand and expanding the business.

All women on the panel said that they were proud to be able to develop their businesses in the Hinchinbrook Shire. 

They encouraged others in the crowd that to follow their dreams too and create their own destiny. 

They all expressed their love of their town. 

They all appreciate the laidback style and enjoy being with family and friends and thanked the community for their ongoing support with their ventures.

Jillaine Accornero, Natasha Constantinides, Amy Coutts and Rachael Pennisi.
Heidi Cantoni and Amy Andersen
Jillaine Accornero and Julie Hemmett
Tayla Collins-Furber, Paige Mallet, Tammy Collins and Nikki Collins
Cathy Blanco, Louise Torrisi, Karen Venables, Kirsty Nicoll and Isabell Nicoll
Taya Jevons, Sophie Parker, Nicole Oats
Marika Devietti and Julie Hemmett
Kim Hobdell, Melanie Barry, Alicia Masters, Sue Melberzs
Models showcasing outfits for Elle J Hire

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