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Forrest Beach Community News – Issue 4 May 2022

Forrest Beach Remembers 2022

The weather was very kind for our Anzac March and Service. There was heavy rain before and after the service. However, during the march and ceremony not a drop of rain fell. Once again, our small community came together in excellent numbers, estimated at 200, with half being marchers and half being spectators, this was an especially pleasing number given the inclement and threatening weather. It just shows that the spirit of the Anzac’s is very much alive and well in our community as it is in almost all places in Australia and New Zealand when one looks at the television coverage of this special day. Long may it continue. Anzac Day is not a celebration of war, far from it, it is rather a solemn thank you to those who have fought to keep us free and to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Lest we forget.

As the photos show, once again we had full representation of our community groups and local schools. Our special thanks to those who travelled to our community to be part of our march and service, these included, Mayor Raymond Jayo, Lieutenant Colonel Green and Nick Dametto. The Anzac Day address was given by Lieutenant Colonel Green. It was a particularly poignant address that focused on his journey as a soldier and what it means to serve your country. It certainly made all those in attendance think of the sacrifices our men and women in all armed services make every day and especially in times of conflict. This is especially so with all of us seeing the horror that is being wrought in Ukraine right now. Our thanks must go to our locals, Richard Scobie who once again was Parade Marshall, Major Trevor Kyle who was our MC for the morning, Gary Ketterer (our Progress Treasurer) who was the organiser behind the day and the other ‘Progress’ volunteers who manned the tea and coffee stall and Anzac biscuit gathering after the ceremony. Anybody who would like to collect their wreaths they can be collected at Gary’s Ketterer’s place on Fern street.

President’s Musings …

As I sit here writing this column it has been great to have a late burst of the wet season. May we get some more before the dry season is fully upon us. Though I hope it does not rain during the Anzac march/ceremony itself. Anzac Day is one of our most important days of the year, when we remember those who fought for our freedom and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can all enjoy our great Australian lifestyle today. Unfortunately, I will not be able to be present this year as I am in Covid quarantine as is my wife. We hope that even if it is raining (as seems likely as I write this) that people will still go out and support this great day. Our thanks go to Lyn Knight one of our brand new residents for making all the Anzac biscuits for the after ceremony celebrations.

It is now only a few weeks to our first market of the year. Bookings from stallholders have been very solid already. If you would like a stall and have not yet booked one with Gary, our intrepid markets Guru then please contact me on my mobile below and I will put you in contact with him. Just a couple of things to note, you will need stallholders’ insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance to bring your vehicle into Progress Park. We as a Progress Association must hold copies of these polices.

See poster on the back page of this newsletter for full details of this and all 2022 Forrest Beach Markets.

It is great to see that the new amenities block in the RV park is now being commissioned. Please see the article next page for the timelines for this facility to be fully functional. This will be an added attraction to draw RV owners into staying at Forrest Beach and thus leaving extra money in our community. Council is also in the planning stage to upgrade the toilet block in Corbett Park and the new facilities at the RV Park will be welcomed whilst this work is being undertaken later in the year.

Unfortunately, I need to finish up this month on a very sour note. There has once again been mindless vandalism to the facilities of Corbett Park. Spray paint was used to deface the play court. This makes it not only unsightly but blurs the markings on the court (see attached photo). Again, a stupid and mindless act!

Perhaps even more concerning was the 3 x 2 length of wood that was ripped off the eaves of the toilet block with the 2-inch nails sticking out of it. This was then carefully placed at the bottom of the slide so that it would do maximum damage to the first child that used the slide. How anyone can be that callous and not give a damn about a child’s welfare is beyond my comprehension. Hopefully, these persons(s) are not locals. If you are a local and read this, then please grow up yesterday.

If anyone has any information about this act of vandalism, can I please ask you to contact the police. These grub(s) need to be brought to account and the sooner the better.
Wayne Squires – President. 0427 000 124

Update on the Forrest Beach RV Park

There have been a number of capital improvements undertaken at the Forrest Beach Recreational Vehicle Park. Council had originally intended to construct a custom toilet block on the site however, with the local building and construction market booming, there were no construction companies that submitted a tender. This lead to Council having to purchase a prefabricated building and have it installed on site.

Adjacent to the building is newly installed treatment plant and dump point. The dump point is an
important addition to Forrest Beach as it will enable the self-contained RVs and caravans to safely empty the on board cassettes, with no environmental harm. The toilet block and dump point will soon be opened once a few final pieces can be installed, weather permitting.

In addition, bollards have been installed on the boundary of the RV Park. These are far more attractive than the star pickets and barrier tape that was there earlier. Weather permitting, the new driveways will be installed in May. The public toilets will also be a welcome addition to the Forrest Beach community. All of these additions will assist in increasing the economic activity in the Forrest Beach area.

The RV Park is operated by volunteers from the Forrest beach Progress association, currently under a 12 month agreement. The RV Park is one on the main fundraisers for the Association and the Association reinvests these funds back into the local community. This was recently evident with the replacement of the fencing at the community tennis courts near the boat ramp. Council has recently increased the fee to stay at the RV Parks, both Forrest Beach and TYTO, from $10 to $15. Council acknowledges our funding partners from the State Government, without whom these improvements would not be possible.

The Forrest Beach Recreational Boating and Tourism Committee update – George Ray, Vice-President

In an earlier edition of the newsletter we had the opportunity to provide an update to the community in relation to progress on the Marine access at Forrest Beach, i.e. Cassidy’s Creek and or the foreshore, jetty and breakwater proposals. In summary once a gain our committee is in stall mode due to the ongoing negative responses from State Governments, Minister Bailey’s office. Highlighted below are extracts from their ongoing responses with our subsequent comments during correspondences dating back to 2015, including a recent petition in 2021.

State Government’s responses;
The primary findings of a 2013 study were that Cassady’s Creek stated it is unsuitable for establishment of a significant new boat ramp due to several environmental constraints including the proposed location (indicative footprint for the road, boat ramp and car park) being in a declared Fish Habitat Area which has many protected mangroves and other marine plants and has significant ecological values for fish habitat and breeding. Forrest Beach was established as a part-tide good weather boat ramp and isn’t suited to installation of protective breakwaters for the following reasons breakwaters are typically large sized rock structures that extend from the sea bed up and above the surface level of the water, wave protection options are expensive in terms of capital and annual maintenance costs and are not considered appropriate for ramps with usage rates experienced at Forrest Beach. Wave protection structures also interfere with the natural movement of sand along the beach and therefore the site would need regular costly dredging to remove built-up sand.

I am further advised that in December 2018 a grant from TMR to Hinchinbrook Shire Council (HSC) facilitated the opening of a second floating walkway at the popular near-all-tide sheltered ramp at Dungeness, which services the whole HSC area including Forrest Beach and Cassady’s Creek. The boat ramp at Dungeness is approximately 35 minutes from Forrest Beach and Cassady’s Creek, which is well within a one-hour drive and is the accepted standard for the distance most Queensland boaties are prepared to travel to reach a boat launching facility suitable to their needs.

Our comments on the one hour rule: We can advise you that it actually takes approximately 1+ hour if you are towing a larger vessel, longer if it is the cane harvesting season due to 10 tram crossings which can take up to one and a half hours. Also during the wet session the road to Dungeness can be flooded periodically sometimes 5 – 10 days with no access available. To impose a penalty of travel time, limited boat access due to congestion, time to preferred fishing grounds, plus time waiting for favourable tidal movement given the much publicised current dredging issues with the state of the Dungeness river mouth, we find it irresponsible of our government to not allow our community to state our case for Forrest Beach.

Note; that after we challenged them back in July 2020 to a ‘one-hour rule’, they came back with a formal letter quoting, “… I am advised there is no strict ‘rule’ precluding investment in new boat ramps in relation to distance, The one-hour guideline relates to the accepted norm for the distance most Queensland boaties are prepared to travel to reach a boat launching facility suitable to their needs… ”

Note: Any proposals for Cassidy’s put forward must include dredging to the mouth, similar to TaylorsBeach, providing council with synergies of work, a pontoon and rock groins to support erosion. Our committee agreed that without a combination of all the above, this creek option would not provide a higher percentage of utilisation and it would stay as the status quo.

Where to from here? We find it unacceptable that our government will not allow our governmental authorities the right to make locally based decisions for the betterment of our Hinchinbrook communities. The committee will continue to function and review different strategies going forward. All we need is the political will. The bureaucrats in the south-east are still making it difficult when advising the government on any new developments in our area. Nick Dametto and our Councillors are continually in consultation with the government repeatedly requesting them to come to Forrest Beach and review our issues; unfortunately they continue to ignore us. We believe legal action is required if we are to proceed in getting any action on our Marine Access issues.

For more detailed information please contact myself George Ray 047 763 9330 or read the full reports the State Government keeps referring to in their responses , I have attached the links below if you’re interested:
1. forrest_beach__cassady_ck_boat_ramp_approved_report.pdf

Read from page 26 to give an understanding of what the state government plans are for boat ramps in our shire.
Thanks for the community support, the team at the F.B.R.B. & T.C

Forrest Beach SLSC: That’s a wrap for Nippers for the 2021/2022 season

Congratulations to all our nippers on a great 2021/22 season. It’s been a jam-packed one with lots of fun, fitness, friendships, learning, carnivals and great achievements.

We finished the season with some fun on the beach with our annual “break-up relay challenge” followed by our awards presentation. Thank you to our Junior Club Captains Louise Kaurila and Benon Hall for hosting the awards and for their leadership throughout the season.

We are proud of our Piranhas and Nippers for successfully completing their lifesaving age awards with special mention to our U14s Louise Kaurila, Amelia Vella, Lucas Marmara and Benon Hall who received their Surf Rescue Certificates (SRC) and are now patrolling the beach. We also recognise our U15s Mariam Hall, John Austin and David Schofield who are moving onto seniors next year and will work towards their bronze medallion. A big achievement on its own.

Congratulations to our award winners:
2021/22 Club Person of the year – Louise Kaurila
2021/22 Most Promising Lifesaver of the year – David Schofield
2021/22 Nipper Senior Male and Female Club Champion – Benon Hall and Mariam Hall
2021/22 Nipper Junior Male and Female Club Champion – Stephen Hall and Ellie Lahtinen
2021/22 Encouragement Award – Tiffany McFayden and Hudson Strong

A big thank you to our age managers and coaches, Luke and Helen Kaurila, Lenny and Pam Chiesa, Allan Lahtinen, Chris Bradshaw, Richard Scobi and Melissa Hall and to those who volunteer their time to help each week with water safety and support. Thank you to Pam Chiesa and Lisa Bradshaw for putting on morning tea each week. We appreciate your time and commitment.

A huge thank you to our executive committee for their support for our Nipper program especially our Junior Activities Chair Helen Kaurila who works tirelessly behind the scenes and on the ground each week to make it all happen. And thank you to our families. We cannot do what we do without your support.

We look forward to seeing you all next season! It’s going to be a ripper!

State Labor Government fails to support Forrest Beach boat ramp proposal – Letter from Nick Dametto MP

Recently, our office received a response from Minister Bailey’s office regarding George Ray’s letter on behalf of the Forrest Beach Recreational Boating and Tourism Committee.

Mr Ray’s letter detailed comments and concerns in reference to the Minister’s response to the e-
petition, which called for improved marine access at Forrest Beach.

The Minister’s response outlined the Department’s communications around the proposal and reiterated the e-petition response being that Forrest Beach and Cassady Beach are approximately 35 minutes away from the boat ramp at Dungeness.

This is, according to the Minister, the accepted standard for the distance most Queensland boaties are prepared to travel to reach a boat launching facility suitable to their needs. The Minister’s unfavourable response is very disappointing, and I disagree with the Minister’s justification. Forrest Beach is closer than Lucinda to the Palm Island Group and it is clear that improved marine access at Forrest Beach would encourage new business opportunities that differ from the services offered at Lucinda.

Forrest Beach is its own community, and one that deserves a separate boat ramp to Dungeness that is safe and provides all tidal access.

The improved marine access at Forrest Beach project has tremendous support from the Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce and the wider community and it’s disappointing that the State won’t get on board with the proposal.

It appears that under this State Labor Government, the rock wall and/or jetty proposal at Forrest Beach is unlikely to go ahead. Although, as the State Member for Hinchinbrook I will continue to lobby and look for funding opportunities to improve marine access at Forrest Beach.
Kind Regards, Nick Dametto MP

Police Roundup

More on ATV’s/Side by Side vehicles and Quad bikes
This is a part of the last article.
No quad bike, or side by side vehicle can be registered to drive from your house to the beach or other land to ride on. You may have been told on the grapevine that you can obtain a restricted registration, this is only for the likes of say a farmer that has land on either side of a road and needs to cross the immediate section of road between the land.

This registration does NOT allow for any other road use. These vehicles, if observed by police are
considered unregistered and uninsured, and may be dealt with by way of an appearance in court. Even riding on vacant Government or Council controlled land can get you into trouble as written permission is required to use the land to ride on and the same noise restrictions apply even then.

This was a shortened version of what is available on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website. – On the website there is a search bar, if you write into this search bar. Form 17 and press search you will see a document which is the Form 17 Guideline for Conditionally Registering a Vehicle in Queensland. This document relates to numerous types of vehicles that require differing types of registration than ‘normal’ cars. I will not go into full details in this article as there is quite a lot to look at.

It would appear that maybe some members of the public have been sold one of these vehicles from a dealer who has had the vehicle registered for the buyer straight from the dealership. This does NOT allow you to drive on a road, next to a road and in numerous other places. As the driver/rider of one of these vehicles that has a registration (number plate) you are to abide by the conditions that are associated with the registration. Such as, permission to be on the land, must carry the documents associated with your limited registration when using the vehicle and many more that are documented in Form 17.

If you have any questions your port of call should be the Transport and Main Roads Office located at the Ingham Court House.

Please keep our community a great place to live. If you have any information on crime contact Ingham Police on 4776 9777 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

CWA Forrest Beach Branch

The Queensland Country Women’s Association’s (QCWA) Country Kitchens program is a health
promotion program supporting communities across Queensland to adopt healthier lifestyle behaviours. It is a partnership between the QCWA and the Queensland Government, funded through Health and Wellbeing Queensland. The Country Kitchens program supports QCWA volunteer Branch and Supporter members, who already have a wealth of cooking knowledge and skills, with training and support to help improve the health and wellbeing of Queenslanders, particularly those living in rural, regional and remote locations.

The Country Kitchens team of Dietitians and Nutritionists provide a training PATHway and support QCWA members who volunteer to become facilitators of the program. Country Kitchens facilitators deliver health promotion activities in their local communities and partner with organisations such as schools, local councils and a wide range of community groups. In this way the QCWA’s Country Kitchens program is improving food and nutrition literacy, and importantly, influencing behavioural change at a grass roots level, state wide. Our branch facilitator Chris provides a monthly report on country kitchens activities. She also attends our Healthy Living group when available to speak about healthy nutrition and healthy recipes.

Our craft activities continue each Thursday (except the 2nd Thursday of each month) and we have had fun learning how to make string from plant leaves, feathers from wool and rope and will soon be learning how an embroidery machine functions and get the opportunity to embroider a design on cloth. Cost is $2.

Monday mornings sees the Healthy Group meet for fun, laughter and gentle exercise. Come along and meet the ladies and join for morning tea. Cost is $2.

Our library is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Cost is a gold coin donation for as many books as you like and these do not have to be returned.

Vandalism: On a sad note. Again our hall has been vandalised with lock broken, internal door damaged along with its runner, tables scratched with knives and also knives stolen among other things. This despicable act to a community service is appalling and the forensic police have investigated. If the culprits are children, parents please check for any knives at home that don’t belong to you and report it to Police Link. If the vandals are adults, I suggest you show respect to our organisation who works tirelessly for the community.

Vandalism is a shameful act. Whilst these acts of vandalism will cost this QCWA branch to get repaired, a community service such as Domestic Violence Kits may not be able to be prepared and given to those in desperate need or a child may have to go to school without a breakfast we provide, or go without clothing (just some examples of what your actions are costing).

Should anyone have an idea of who these VANDALS / CRIMINALS are, please report it to Police
Link or contact members whose numbers appear below.
President: Margaret Hill: 0472856725 Secretary: Kaylene Francis 0400344711

Responsible Dog Ownership — Wayne Squires, FBPA President

A good many of us here at ‘the beach’ are dog owners and even more of us appreciate what a positive effect an animal can have in our lives. Our household is certainly richer for having our companion animals and most people we know feel the same. Unfortunately this is a topic that this brought up time and again in our meetings.

However, there are community responsibilities from owning pets and especially dogs. Perhaps the most important of these is that your dog is not able to hurt other people. That is, they are suitably restrained when out of your yard. They need to be on a lead unless you are well away from any other people (say a fair way up or down the beach and no one else is close). Even then you need to be very sure that your dog will ‘heel’ if you tell it to, when another person with a dog may appear suddenly.

You are responsible for your dog’s behaviour not someone else. Own this rule now. This year there have been numerous reports of dogs running free on the beach near other people and other dogs. Some elderly and young people have been frightened when dogs have jumped up on them. They may have been trying to be friendly, but this does not take away the fright of another person. One elderly resident even received scratches from a dog that jumped up on her – this is not acceptable ever.

Please control your dog and always have them on a short leash around other people. If you are walking your dog, you must be confident in being able to control your dog especially one that is of a larger size. Young children should never be in control of a larger dog especially around another dog.

Always carry bags to pick up after your dog. ‘Progress’ and Council are in the process of designing and placing more dog bag stations at the beach so until these are in operation, please take your own bags in that area.

It is particularly frustrating if you are trying to have a beachfront BBQ or just trying to eat your lunch after finishing a morning’s work. This has happened several times and could have led to a confrontation with the dog owner and the workers. Or the people trying to have a peaceful BBQ. Keep your dog away from people who are eating and enjoying the beachfront for a few minutes at lunchtime or having a leisurely BBQ.

Of course, those out and about without dogs also have some responsibilities. Principally these fall into two categories (1) never pat someone else’s dog without permission from the owner; (2) and never stir up a dog just because you can. This can only lead to someone being bitten and nobody wants that outcome.

If we all take reasonable care, then everyone can enjoy our magnificent area. However, repeat offenders, and yes a lot of people know who you are, can expect to have a report to the council and perhaps a visit from the dog control officer with a possible fine. Just do the right thing and there will never be a need for any intervention.

Relay for Life

Queensland Cancer Council’s Relay for Life is on Saturday 13 August in Townsville at JCU’s Joe Baker Field starting at 2pm. This 8-hour community event raises funds for cancer research, prevention and patient support.

Register before May 20 and it’s only $20, youth (6-17) $10. Robert and I collect cans and bottles
throughout the year with refunds going to the Cancer Council. We make an extra effort at this time trawling beaches, roads and byways. Many thanks to Forrest Beach and Ingham residents for saving containers for us.

Let Mary Venables know if you’d like us to pick up cans and bottles from your home. Relay can be a long but rewarding day strolling around the field to music. Take plenty of water, food, folding chairs and for that senior’s nap, pillows. – C. Osterhaus

Botanical Art Exhibition

It’s always fun to go to an exhibition opening. Ingham Art Action’s ‘Botanical’ opens May 6 from 6pm at the Tyto Regional Art Gallery across from the Library. Don’t expect the usual painstaking plant drawings.

The works challenge traditional notions of botanical art and include painting, mix media, works on and with paper, photography, sculpture, ceramics and basketry.

For more information contact the gallery on 4776 4725. RSVP at

Gardening with Lids by Carolyn Osterhaus

We visited Shed3 in Idalia in Townsville the other day to deliver our monthly 1001 Lids for Kids. (No, we don’t count them, sorting is enough.) The micro-factory called Upcycling is up and running with lids being churned up and turned into colourful sawdust. From there they are heated and extruded into plastic string that can be moulded. Or, at this stage, sent away to make tiles.

Plastic lids that can be used in the factory are those for milk, soft drinks, water and coffee drinks. Other lids like fruit drinks, yoghurt, fly-spray, olive oil are handy for art works and kids’ activities. Shed3 has been holding kids’ workshops using these ‘unusable’ lids. A number of sandwich presses flatten lids into discs for hanging, banging, whatever. They use baking paper and do not make sandwiches in these presses.

Here in Forrest Beach I have accumulated two large green leaf bags of inappropriate lids. Fine with me as it keeps them out of landfill. One use I’ve found for them (besides doing a lid-bombing artwork of a child’s bicycle for an exhibition at Tyto Regional gallery) is gardening.

I’ve strewn them along Robert’s fence in Halifax (soon to be covered with beans and tomatoes) ; used them as mulch in potted plants to keep down weeds; and put them in the bottom of pots for drainage before adding soil.

Rachel, at Shed3 who seems to be in charge of everything, said after a year or two the lids along the fence will begin to disintegrate and as we all know plastic only breaks into smaller
and smaller pieces, it never goes away. Perhaps by then another use will be found for them. At the moment fence lids provide a colourful addition to plants. I also stick them in the interstices in my garage walls. They glow in sunlight.

Let Mary at Mary Venables Real Estate know if you’d like a bucket of these lids. The key, though, is never to throw them away. Most of these lids are too small to go in the yellow recycling bin (nothing smaller than a credit card). Drop them off at Hinchinbrook Council foyer in Lannercost Street, Mary’s office during business hours or at MAMS.

Forrest Beach Classifieds

Ingham Tree Loppers
Phil McWha (Snip)
Servicing Ingham district for 40 years.
Tree trimming and removal, stump grinding, de-nutting coconuts & spike climbing.
For prompt professional advice,
contact 0409 065192 or 4777 8916

PH: 4776 5511
MOB: 0417 605411
EMAIL: jwcr@bigpond.comMOB: 0417 605411

Plumber, Drainer, Roofer.
Free quotes
QBCC License No. 1008745. Phone: 0419 652 669 or 07 777 8001

Many years of experience in sewing, alterations and curtain making.
Contact Bev on 4777 8869 or
0418 454 005

Material for newsletter: Please email
Articles and advertisements to be submitted electronically to the editor.
Advertisers please note: The next newsletter deadline will be Thursday, 26th June. Advertisers are responsible for advising of any changes to regular advertisements and supply of artwork, preferably in JPEG format.
Rights reserved: We reserve the right to refuse or amend text and images as necessary. Year-long advertising – $40 and $80 per ad

Middle-aged rider Forrest Beach / Ingham area
would like to find like-minded riders to join me on rides weekdays or weekends.
Anyone Welcome.
Doesn’t matter what you ride; male or female; old or young. If interested Please call Alan on 0421154382 or 4777 9392

Held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month February to December, weather permitting. New stallholders welcome. Please phone Linda on 0436047358 for more details. Find us on Facebook at (Ingham Raintree Community Market).

See you at the Forrest Beach Markets on Sunday, 22nd May.

Maria’s Plant Stall
Various plants & succulents available
29 Grevillea Street, Forrest Beach
Phone: 0476 126 701

Local Activity Guide

Forrest Beach Progress Association
Next Meeting is at Forrest Beach State School, Pandanus Street, at 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 10th May, 2022.
New members welcome. Annual membership only $5
Contact Wayne 0427 000 124
Progressing Forrest Beach since 1954

Forrest Beach Senior Citizens
Contact Ivy Levis on 0407832546
Meets every Tuesday morning between
9am & 12 noon
Morning tea, cards & board games.
All welcome

QCWA Forrest Beach Branch
Meetings the 2nd Thursday of every month commencing February.
9am for a 9:30am start.
QCWA Hall, Palm Street.
Contact President,: Margaret Hill: 0472856725 for further information

Qld Fire & Rescue
Contact Lyn on 0427 575 764
Are you looking for something worthwhile to do with your time & also help the community?
Not just your ordinary, everyday activities, but necessary and need necessary
Come to one of our training nights held each
Monday 6:30pm – 9pm.

Friends of Forrest Beach
Relaxing morning of conversation and games every second Wednesday between 9am and 12 noon
(from February until December)
Meet at the shelter shed in Progress Park.
Everyone welcome – locals and visitors
Contact Geraldine on 0421 154 382

Action committee in place for the lobbying of upgrades to the Forrest Beach Boat Ramp.
For enquiries, contact Committee Chair,
Dave Willoughby
on 07 4777 8782

Tai Chi
Contact Val on 0499 317 671
Meet every Wednesday, 9 – 10am
at Forrest Beach Surf Life Saving Club.
Gold coin donation goes towards the school’s activities.
Come along and do some Tai Chi for arthritis, gentle movements to improve balance and coordination.


Progress Park
First market day 22 May
Other dates are: 26 June – 24 July – 28 August – 25 September
All the usual attractions, stalls, bargains galore, music, kids games and oh the food. Mark these days on your calendar and prepare to bag a bargain and have a really good Forrest beach brekkie and lunch. The ‘Progress’ brekkie and lunch are world famous – (at least in our slice of the world). We look forward to seeing residents and visitors alike on the 4th Sunday of each month from May to September.

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