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First Nations senior security officers graduate on Palm Island

FOR the first time security staff on Palm Island will include local people after six trainees graduated to become senior protective officers.

The group will become the first Indigenous employees to serve, protect and provide security services within the island community.

An intensive five-week training programme designed for the island focussed on legislative and policy frameworks, roles and responsibilities.

Graduates also studied police culture and professional practice, and personal health and wellbeing as well as the security environment, communication and client service.

They will now transition from the learning environment to be sworn into the protective services group, performing duties including having legislative powers to provide security to state government buildings and working closely with Queensland police officers.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll welcomed the six into the Queensland police service at a socially distanced ceremony at Fred Clay Park on Palm Island.

She said: ‘These graduates are looking forward to making a positive contribution to the Palm Island community.

‘All of the senior protective security officers can be proud of their achievements and the commitment they have made here.’

The commissioner added that she was proud to be at the ceremony and supported the officers who had an important role ahead of them as members of the protective services group.

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