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Cup of tea with a Queen – Taneale Engler

Maraka Queen Entrant, Taneale Engler shares with us a bit about herself.

MEET our Maraka Queen entrants, learn about their interests, dreams, who inspires them, even their favourite food and what it would mean to be crowned 2021 Maraka Queen.

Introducing our fifth Maraka Queen entrant, Taneale Engler. Taneale is 18 years old and is a disability support worker.

Taneale is sponsored by the Lower Herbert Halifax Lions Club, Goodyear Auto Care, Maddie’s Hair Bar and Ingham Disability Support Services.

We had the chance to catch up with Taneale and get to know a little more about her over a cup of tea. So, join us. Make yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy getting to know Taneale. 

Favourite colour: Purple.

Favourite food: Pea and Ham Soup.

Hobbies/Interests: Swimming, camping, fishing, photography and exploring.

Favourite TV show/series: I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Where did you go to school? Gilroy Santa Maria College.

What made you decide to be a Maraka Queen entrant? I decided to be a Maraka Queen entrant because I have been interested in coming out of my shell, getting to meet everyone and to have a good time.

What does it mean to you to be a Maraka Queen entrant? I feel lucky to be a Maraka Queen because we get to experience all the events we are invited to, and meet new people along the journey.

What would it mean to be crowned 2021 Maraka Queen? It would mean a lot to me to be crowned Maraka Queen 2021 because I try my hardest at everything and I’m really dedicated.

What have you enjoyed most about the Maraka Queen experience so far? I have enjoyed being around the other Maraka Queen entrants and getting dressed up.

What do you love most about living in Hinchinbrook? What I love most about Hinchinbrook is this is the place I have grown up in, surrounded by beaches, waterfalls, swimming holes and so much outdoor fun.

What is your fondest memory growing up in the district? Always swimming at the beaches on a hot day.

What’s your favourite place to visit in the Hinchinbrook Shire? My favourite place to visit would be all the beaches. I live at a beach, and I spend most of my time down there as it gives me a calm piece of mind and it’s where I love to walk my puppy.

What’s your favourite place to visit in the world? America (again).

What would be your ultimate holiday? A trip to America to go to Disneyland again and then travel to where we didn’t get to last time (would be amazing if it was free!).

Describe yourself in one word? Funny.

What’s something interesting or quirky that people would not know about you? I love to take naps a lot.

What is your greatest achievement to date? Getting my dream job as a disability support worker.

Who inspires you? My Mum. She has raised me in the perfect way and is the reason I am who I am today.

What motivates you? My job as a disability support worker motivates me the most, as I always remember how rewarding my job is when I’m feeling down.

Do you have a cause close to heart? Ingham Disability Support Services. Personally, I don’t look at my job as a job, I look at it as something I have a passionate heart for. One of my many jobs at work is to take my clients out and about in the community to experience some of the fun activities created in the area. For example, the new tractor park is a big hit for the younger ones to enjoy on a lovely day. In our spare time, we either love to go for a long walk in the Tyto wetland park or a nice drive down to our local beaches. This also gives me the opportunity to get out and about in the community and experience all the new things. Another big role in my job I enjoy the most is helping people reach their goals. This has to be the most rewarding part of the job knowing you are having the opportunity to change someone’s life one little step at a time and to be a part of that is marvellous.

What is your favourite life motto or quote? Tomorrow is always going to be a new day.

What are your dreams/plans for the future? My dreams for the future are to get married, have children and raise them in the Hinchinbrook area. Also, to travel again one day.

We wish Taneale the best throughout her Maraka Queen journey and with all her future endeavours.

Exploring Hinchinbrook: Taneale enjoys fishing, camping and swimming and spending time at the beach.

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