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Culture corner: Tony Maloney reflects on his Covid lockdown

Tony Maloney, the leprechaun pony. Image by Rita Sinclair.

Nothing on

If I had nothing else on this is all I’d want to do

Just read Dan Sheahan poetry and sing the banjo blues

If I had nothing else on this is all I’d want to see

The misty mounts and azure skies of sweet Abergowrie

Since Covid’s come I’ve found the words

And I’ve begun to write

And breathe the air and hear the birds

And take in wondrous sights

To think about that rat race now – I chase it from my mind

To go back to the stress and strain and vein-popped daily grind

No never shall that ‘morrow see! Why do it to myself?

Is it chasing rainbow riches or for mental health?

So as I lay here on my back and watch the clouds float by

Shining silver, grey and white on that canvas blue sky

My children laugh and splash about and join their dad in song

I treasure them, these Covid days, when we have nothing on.

By Tony Maloney.

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