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‘A patient, gentle and caring brother’

Will and Kenzie Murdoch at the Mount Garnet Rodeo in 2014.

WILL Murdoch has been described as a ‘patient, gentle and caring brother’ and a ‘respectful, genuine role model for our young generations’.

Hinchinbrook is mourning the loss of the 12-year-old Crushers junior rugby league dummy half, who was laid to rest this week.

Our community has been devastated by the passing of the budding rodeo star, who started Gilroy Santa Maria in January after completing his primary school at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Shandell Hilditch shared this photo (above) on a tribute page for Will, writing: ‘This is still one of my most favourite photos that I’ve ever taken on my camera.

‘Mount Garnet Rodeo 2014, I was watching Will sitting up on the rail watching the bull ride and Kenzi was desperately trying to get up on the rails to sit with her big brother.

‘I just watched in pure admiration of him being so patient, gentle and caring towards his sister.

‘He helped her climb up and she was finally content where she was and they just sat there for ages, chatting and watching the rides.

‘I was pregnant at the time, and not knowing the gender, I hoped that one day, I would be lucky enough to have a little boy, just like him.

‘Here’s to you Will,, thank you for being such a respectful, genuine role model for our younger generation.

‘We all hope to raise our future little men to be just like you.

‘Such a credit to your ever-loving and supportive family.

‘Here on this earth for not long enough, but how you lived life in your short years, has impacted us all and you will be talked about for lifetimes and generations to come.

‘All our love and thoughts go to the Murdoch, Sheahan and extended families and friends during this unimaginable time.’

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