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Senior leadership transition within Wilmar Sugar Australia

WILMAR Sugar Australia has announced a senior leadership transition within its Australian raw
sugar operations.

Mr John Pratt, Executive General Manager North Queensland, is retiring after a long career spanning more than 45 years in the raw sugar business.

Since 2013, Mr Pratt has led Wilmar Sugar’s raw sugar operations in North Queensland. His retirement will take effect early in the second half of this year.

Following Mr Pratt’s retirement, Mr Shayne Rutherford will be appointed as Head of Sugar and Renewables, and lead the company’s Australian raw sugar and renewables operations.

Mr Rutherford has 20 years’ experience in Wilmar’s sugar business and has been Executive General Manager Strategy and Business Development since 2010.

In this role, he leads the sales and marketing functions for the raw sugar and renewables business, as well as the group functions for strategy, business development, legal and corporate relation

Outgoing Executive General Manager John Pratt.
Incoming Head of Sugar and Renewables Shayne Rutherford.

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