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Spotlight on natural health: The importance of practising self-love

Self-love is making consistent choices in your life that help you nurture a relationship with yourself and your life that you absolutely love.

THERE’S no day more fitting to talk about love than Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s always nice to show others how much they mean to you and to be reminded that you are loved and valued in return, whatever day of the year. But what of self-love… This month local naturopath and Ingham Daily Press health and wellness columnist Donna Warr, shares with us what self-love truly means and outlines the health benefits that come from a deep, honest and loving relationship with yourself.

The act of self-love

Throughout much of February we are exposed to Valentine’s Day marketing. You buy a gift or create a gesture to show someone how much you love and appreciate them. I admit, it’s nice to be on the receiving end of a thoughtful gift. But with such a big focus on the love we extend to others (partners, parents, kids, friends, pets, etc), the next logical question is, “how much time, energy and effort do we actually invest in loving ourselves”? I’m not talking about indulgent pampering and purchases to distract you from life’s challenges. I’m not talking about super-inflating your ego to feel good. I’m talking about making consistent choices in your life that help you nurture a relationship with yourself and your life that you absolutely love.

When you have a ‘loving’ relationship with yourself, the benefits can be profound.

  • You have a nicer inner dialogue /self-talk with yourself. It shifts from critical, judgemental task master to a kind, loving and supportive friend. You practise more compassion, understanding and acceptance with yourself. You move into a greater state of ease.
  • You start to create a different perspective on life. Your attitude and outlook soften.
  • You experience more satisfaction and happiness.
  • Stress and anxiety lessen, and mental health improves.
  • This has a flow on effect to improved sleep, greater immunity, and overall improvement in physical health.
  • You can find it easier to let go of addictions and break free from bad habits.
  • You start to trust yourself more and become better at decision making.

Self-love should be one of the basic cornerstones of your wellness journey. And yet, this practice is not an easy thing for so many people. Somehow, somewhere, we have been convinced that self-care and making self a priority makes us selfish. That’s not true. Through the act of self-love, we are putting on our oxygen masks first. We are taking responsibility for our wellbeing, and making ourselves a priority, because let’s face it, we should be.

Getting into a habit of intentional self-nurturing can be easy. Like any habit, it’s all about creating consistency; taking small actions regularly. For the biggest impact, focus on actions that support your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. They are all equally important.

  • Do something that makes you laugh.
  • Schedule time to do something you love (that you keep on putting off).
  • Create a calm and inviting space within your home where you feel compelled to spend time daily just chilling, reflecting and BE-ing.
  • Go for a walk (or a swim in this warm weather).
  • Practise reframing your negative thoughts into more positive ones.
  • Have an early night.
  • Compliment yourself in the mirror.
  • Subscribe to an inspiring podcast.
  • Make your day’s menu completely healthy and packed with superfood goodness.

Filling your love cup regularly will impact every part of your life. Make a commitment to start this beautiful practice today.

Live your best life,


If you would like to join an inspiring, supportive, online community that’s focused on building self-love practices into all areas of your wellbeing, come and be part of the Facebook “Mind Body Love” community. This is a private, safe space to have discussions, connect and learn. Donna regularly shares strategies, resources, tips and fun challenges to help you nurture your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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