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Hinchinbrook Shire Library Provides a New Way to Look at Science

High School students in the Hinchinbrook Shire can now access information that spans science in a fun and exciting way through Gale Interactive: Science. This platform was created to empower students with science through digital content and interactive 3D models.

The platform is a highly visual online tool that delivers a comprehensive view of the most-studied science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Human Anatomy. It also provides an option for the user to send information to their email address, Google Account, Microsoft Office One Drive Account or download their research as a PDF.

The platform allows users to delve deeper into science, by exploring 3D models where they can zoom in, rotate or pull apart. It is a complete learning solution for students that they will not only enjoy, but easily comprehend.

These powerful visual tools can be used for classroom demonstrations and help with homework or research assignments. This gives users the power to see science beyond static text and provides the knowledge and skills needed to understand and succeed in the world of science.

Gale Interactive: Science, features special content and functionality that support learning, such as:

  • Self-quizzing capabilities at the end of every session to review key concepts;
  • Guided interactive lessons, as well as “anytime” student/faculty interaction with models;
  • Ease of use on computers, laptops, interactive whiteboards or a projector;
  • Accessible through multiple browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari and MS Edge;
  • Authoritative content from resources such as Gale’s Science In Context, Grzimek’s Student, Academic OneFile and more;
  • 3-D printing with installed driver and an optional 3-D printer to print teaching models for use directly in the classroom; and
  • Interface and content available in multiple languages.

The platform is currently live and Hinchinbrook residents can access this program from any device using their library membership by visiting the Hinchinbrook Shire Library’s website

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