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Mandy Poppins The Bush Beautician

I’ve been told a tale or two……………

about a young lady who I think is for you.

If you look close enough, you will find,

A bush beautician, I hear she is one of a kind.

Mandy Poppins The Bush Beautician, Long Pocket, Ingham Photo Credit: Mel Sorbello Photography

Spreading magic wherever she goes,

she can make you over from your head to your toes,

She’s got tweezers and creams,

she’s got the tricks of the trade,

I hear she treats her clients wth cakes that are homemade.

Some nickname her Mandy Poppins,

carries her brolly and hat with all the toppins.

Spreading cheer to those close and near,

Better hurry up and visit her dear.

Photo Credit: Mel Sorbello Photography

Mandy can be found on the Hinchinbrook Way,

and can be spotted in the canefields the locals say.

To be exact, a place called Long Pocket,

while wandering around carrying her heart locket.

If you are lucky, she can be seen on sundown,

she’ll be wearing her pretty blue gown.

Mandy will pamper you perfectly everytime,

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sweet little rhyme.

A magical Long Pocket sunset Photo Credit: Mel Sorbello Photography

Poem By: Amanda Griffiths

Photo Credit: Mel Sorbello Photography, Long Pocket, Ingham

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