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Culture corner: The man who made Slim Dusty famous

Thanks to Abergowrie farmhand Tony Maloney for sharing his poem about the real ‘Pub with no beer’

Let’s get this up on the wall in Lee’s Hotel – there’s only one pub with no beer!

The man who made Slim Dusty famous

A world-famous song called ‘The pub with no beer’
Brought belly-ache laughs and made broken men cheer
It was the first hit of an iconic Aussie
Slim Dusty the legend – but then again was he
The man who despaired as he sat in the pub
And strung-out the lyrics while munching his grub
Back in ’43 when he asked for a beer
To be told: ‘There’s none left – for the Yanks have been here’

That man was Dan Sheahan – a bush ballad poet
For years those who sang to that tune didn’t know it
Because Gordon Parsons claimed it as his own
And not for some time did that fact become known
Slim Dusty got famous and Parsons got riches
Sod all for the man who first had folk in stitches
But that was just one of his lyrical prose
That laugh at man’s follies and lament our woes

There’s ‘Venables’ Cat’ and the ‘Bull with no balls’
Slim Dusty – he could have had hits with them all
So let’s raise a glass – although Parsons was shameless –
And drink to the man who made Slim Dusty famous!

By Tony Maloney

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There’s only one pub with no beer!

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