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Culture corner: ‘The Hinchinbrook Way’ – by Amanda Griffiths

Feature Photo By – Mel Sorbello Photography, Long Pocket, Ingham

Some will tell you about, this magical little place,
where it’s laidback, and away from the rat race.
The locals are friendly and will welcome you with open arms,
The district is famous for their sugar cane farms.

Sugarcane flowers in bloom – Photo Credit – Amanda Griffiths

You’ll have to explore The Hinchinbrook Way,
Found in North Qld you’ll have to visit or stay.
It’s a place which is a delight for all those who come,
Load up your car with all your friends and rellies but don’t forget mum.

The farmers will be out ploughing the ground,
Making perfect lines going up and around.
Harvesters out and about doing their daily drills,
Tourists lined up with their cameras getting a big thrill.
Sugarcane trains chugging past off to the mill,
Sugar to be crushed and for ships to be filled.

Magical sunset streaming through the canefields Photo Credit – Me Sorbello Photography

The place is famous for its Italian dishes,
canolis, terroni, ravioli whatever fancies your wishes.
You’ve got the ever popular Jk’s Deli,
With food to die for, get in my belly.
Take a walk down Mercer’s Lane and and admire the mosiac story,
find out first hand the history about Ingham and all its former glory.

Mercer’s Lane, Ingham

The catch of the day, from Wild Local Prawns,
you’ll find Dom and Bec starting at dawn.
Why not head over to the famous “Pub With No Beer”,
pull up a stool, talk to a local and enjoy some cheer.
Boutique stores come and take a look,
Or even have a bite at famous “The Hinchinbrook”.

You can Paint In The Paddock,
And bring your vision to life.
Or Graze With The Girls,
Heels on, frock up and wear your best pearls.

You’ll experience the spirit of the Bush in your heart,
Just head to Long Pocket it’s just the start.
You’ll walk in the footsteps of a famous bush poet,
You may of heard of Dan Sheahan, see you did know it.
As I stare at the river and at the stream,
I can’t help but think it’s perfect,
Really a dream.
Mesmerised by the reflection of the gum trees
and the perfect blue skies,
It’s painted to perfection worthy of a Nobel art prize.

It’s graced with many natural wonders ,
don’t sit around and ponder.
Head to Wallaman Falls the biggest single drop,
Mesmerised watching the water fall from the top.

The Lucinda Jetty stretches for miles,
Trust me youll sit back admire and smile.

To Orpheus Island where you can relax on Yanks Jetty,
Or go exploring underwater and have a picnic with Aunt Betty.
Mulligan and Zoe Falls are a delight for those to see,
Visitors go time and time again packs their bag and flee.
The mighty Hinchinbrook Island is a backdrop to be seen,
She is the biggest of the islands some refer to her as the queen.

Mungalla Station you’ll have a cultural experience for all the senses,
You’ll spot easily with its grand white fences.
There’s Tyto Wetlands as you drive into town,
many spieces of birds too many to count or be found.

View of Hinchinbrook Island from Lucinda
Wallaman Falls

I could sit here all day and ramble off where you could go,
but take a chance, see where the wind takes you, just go with the flow.
So if you’re looking at exploring your backyard in your spare time,
You can hike, cycle and explore or just have some downtime.

The Hinchinbrook Way is a rich tapestry of how country life should be,
Magical sunrises and sunsets a place where you will feel free.

Magical sunset Photo Credit – Mel Sorbello Photography

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