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Herbert river mills – week 8 update

The Herbert mills crushed almost 202,000 tonnes of cane for the week and have now passed the milestone for the first million tonnes crushed for 2021.

More than a quarter of the newly re-estimated Herbert crop has now been processed.

There was an increase of 0.34 of a unit in CCS for the second consecutive week in a row to take the season-to-date average to 12.37 units.

Victoria’s B-side mill had a 12-hour scheduled maintenance stop during the week.

This week, Victoria’s A-side mill will have a 12-hour maintenance stop on Tuesday 10 August. Macknade Mill will have a scheduled four-hour shredder maintenance stop on Wednesday 11 August.

There was a near hit between a lime truck and a cane train on the weekend. The truck undertook an emergency stop at a level crossing, causing its trailer to overturn.

We once again appeal to all road users to approach level crossings with caution and always give way to cane trains.

Lindsay Wheeler
Cane Supply Manager
Herbert Region

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