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Herbert river mills – week 21 update

Just under 193,000 tonnes of cane were crushed for the week.

ust under 193,000 tonnes of cane were crushed for

There was a slight decrease in CCS levels following last week’s high of 13 units. The season-to-date CCS is now sitting at 12.74 units.

Victoria’s A-side mill will stop for a 12-hour cleaning intermission on Thursday 11 November.

Based on revised crop trends and no major factory disruptions, the last day of harvesting for the Herbert mills is expected to be Wednesday 24 November.

The finish date will be reviewed regularly and we will advise growers of any changes via GrowerWeb and the weekly production report in the local media.

As we approach the end of the 2021 season, motorists are reminded to use their ‘train brain’ around our cane rail network. Approach all level crossings with caution and always give way to cane trains.

Lindsay Wheeler
Cane Supply Manager
Herbert Region

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