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Herbert river mills – week 15 update

The Herbert Mills crushed just over 200,000 tonnes of cane for the week.

There was a slight increase in CCS levels from the previous week, with the season-to-date average remaining below budget, at 12.64 units.

There were two scheduled maintenance stops during the week: Macknade Mill had an 18-hour stop on Tuesday, and Victoria Mill’s A-side had a 12-hour stop on Thursday.

This week, Victoria’s B-side will undertake a 12-hour maintenance stop on Wednesday, 29 September.

Macknade Mill will have a four-hour stop for shredder tip maintenance on Friday, 1 October.

With school holidays continuing this week, parents and carers are asked to remind children of the dangers associated with cane trains and harvesting operations throughout the Herbert district.

Lindsay Wheeler
Cane Supply Manager
Herbert Region

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