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Herbert river mills – week 14 update

The Herbert mills have now passed the halfway mark for the 2021 crush, with the 2 million tonnes milestone reached on the morning of Friday 17 September.

The total weekly throughput was just shy of 180,000 tonnes of cane. An external power outage early in the week caused a disruption to crushing operations at Macknade Mill.

There was a slight decrease in CCS levels from the previous week, with the season to date average remaining below budget at 12.61 units.

This week Macknade Mill will undertake an 18-hour maintenance stop on Tuesday 21 September.

Victoria Mill’s A side will undertake a 12-hour planned maintenance stop on Thursday 23 September.

With school holidays under way, parents and carers are asked to remind children of the dangers associated with cane trains.

Children should stay well away from the tracks, points, locomotives and cane bins.

Please explain to children that cane trains can’t swerve and they can’t come to a quick stop. It can take up to 1km for a fully-laden cane train to come to a complete stop.

With harvesting operations in full swing, children should also be reminded about the need to watch out for cane harvesters and haul-out vehicles.

Lindsay Wheeler
Cane Supply Manager
Herbert Region

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