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Stop Driving on Dune Foreshore Vegetation!

COUNCIL has been made aware that people are disregarding the rules that apply when accessing our beautiful recreational beach areas.

Unfortunately, there is evidence that recreational vehicles are driving on dune foreshore vegetation and driving recklessly, exceeding speed limits. This irresponsible behaviour destabilises the beach dunes by destroying vegetation, causing erosion and loss of nesting habitats for shorebirds and sea turtles.

For safety reasons, Council urges residents to access our beach fronts with suitable 4-wheel drive recreational vehicles, within two hours either side of low tide, and travel on the firm sand between the waterline and the high tide mark.

Avoid travelling during high tide in the intertidal zone. Drive according to conditions, and in a manner which does not destabilise sand or disturb others. These areas are enforced by the Police and normal road rules apply.

Please remember to:

  • Travel at the recommended speed of 20km/hr (up to a maximum of 50km/hr);
  • Reduce your tyre pressure when driving on sand, keeping within the manufacturer’s specifications;
  • Be courteous of other people utilising the beach; and
  • Enjoy responsibly.

Do not:

  • Drive on sand dunes;
  • Drive off well-worn tracks;
  • Damage or drive on vegetation; and
  • Ruin it for everyone else.

If offenders are caught damaging vegetation they may receive an on-the-spot fine of $275 or up to a maximum of 20 penalty units ($2,757).

Council is committed to preserving and enhancing our natural areas and appreciates the assistance of the community in achieving this goal.

Hooning and reckless driving on our beaches is illegal and will not be tolerated. Council requests residents to be aware and report anti-social behaviour online by visiting the Queensland Police website

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