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Removal of Strangler Fig Trees around Hinchinbrook Roadsides

Several trees are in the process of being removed along Herbert Street Ingham for two reasons.

Firstly, the current trees, known as Strangler Fig Trees, have an invasive root systems. As a result, Council has spent thousands of dollars of ratepayer’s money on water and stormwater main repairs.

Strangler Fig Trees are being removed to ensure significant relining works can be undertaken prior to the next wet season.

Strangler Fig Tree root incursion into the Herbert Street drains.

The Strangler Fig Tree roots contribute to localised flooding and as seen from the attached photos, the tree root incursion into the drains has reached a point of significantly reducing the drains effectiveness.

Secondly, some of these trees have prevented the safe movement of heavy traffic turning right from Herbert Street on to Cartwright Street due to the low hanging branches.

These trees will be replaced with others that do not have an invasive root system to enhance the area.

For further information or clarification, please contact Council’s Infrastructure Operations Manager on 4776 4671.

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