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Register your Property as a No Slash Zone Today

The No Slash Zone Register allows residents to nominate the road frontages of their property to not be slashed by Council.

The Register applies to local Council roads and some State Government Roads. No Slash Zones support responsible landowners who are working to manage pest and weed species along the boundary of properties fronting road reserves throughout the district. For further information on identifying and managing pest and weed species visit Council’s website, Land and Pest Management page.

Once registered, guideposts will be installed to indicate the start and end of the No Slash Zone, these physical indicators are essential for Council or contractor slashers to differentiate between frontages of properties that are self managed.

Slashers will not slash areas registered unless the No Slash Zone indicators are removed, requested to be removed or it becomes evident that the road frontage is no longer being maintained by the property owner and has become overgrown for an extended period of time.

‘Council recognises the needs of landholders that are trying to stop pest weeds such as Navua Sedge from spreading from road reserves to their agricultural lands. By implementing no slash zones on road reserves where neighbouring landholders are controlling weed species it helps reduce the spread of seed by machinery as well as gives the landholder the opportunity to manage when the area gets slashed after they have sprayed it.’

‘As Navua Sedge is becoming widespread in the Shire and expensive to control, Council does not currently have the funding budget to spray the entire road network. Council has commenced some trial spraying in road corridors to try and determine the most effective treatment method and better understand the cost impacts. However I am sure the best way to contain and manage this weed is for Council and the community to work together,’ said Cr Milton.

Navua Sedge is a grass like a perennial weed that grows up to 70cm in height and has a distinctive button shaped flower head and narrow glossy green leaves. It is becoming widespread in the northern parts of the Hinchinbrook Shire and is very effective at colonising new areas. Once established, it is very difficult to control and readily outcompetes pasture species and can displace native vegetation. Prevention, such as No Slash Zones, is by far the best defence against stopping the spread of this species and causing significant productivity and control costs across larger areas.

To register your road frontage as a No Slash Zone, please visit Council’s website, No Slash Zone Register page to complete the online No Slash Zone Registration Form. Please ensure when providing information about your property to Council that you give specific details of where the No Slash Zone will start and end.

Should you require assistance or for more information, please contact Council’s Infrastructure Administration Support Officer on 4776 4671.  

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