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Map: Orpheus Island National Park – Planned Burn

THE Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) will conduct a planned burn in the central section of Orpheus Island National Park between Monday 7 June 2021 and Friday 18 June 2021, weather permitting, as part of the annual hazard reduction/conservation management program for parks and forests.

As a result, smoke will be coming from the island.

People in the area with medical conditions affected by smoke are encouraged to take appropriate precautions.

The aim of this burn is to reduce fuel loads and to create a mosaic pattern of burnt and unburnt areas in open woodland communities.

This will help reduce the intensity of any subsequent wildfires and provide favourable conditions for natural forest regeneration.

For more information, please call the North Tropical Coast Marine Park office of QPWS on 4778 5378.

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