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LDMG Monitoring Current Weather Event

THE Hinchinbrook Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) met this morning to discuss the current weather event.

A briefing was received from the Bureau of Meteorology.  A Severe Weather Warning remains current for heavy rain between Cooktown and Rollingstone today into Saturday morning. Locally intense rainfall remains a risk about the North Tropical Coast today into Saturday morning. Flash flooding will be a risk, particularly with short-duration, heavy or intense rainfall.

Mayor Ramon Jayo, chair of the LDMG informs that “at the present time, risk of major riverine flooding in the district is very low as minimal rain has been received in the upper catchments. Most of the rain to date has fallen on the coast and this trend, including periods of heavy rain, is expected to continue over the next few days”.

“The main concern at the moment is from surface water inundating roads throughout the district from periods of intense rain. Water over roads in and about Lower Herbert is starting to occur and more inundation will happen as the surrounding table drains become more and more saturated from continuing rain” said Mayor Jayo.

“Motorists are reminded that Council staff cannot be everywhere at once and it is unrealistic to expect that signage can be placed at every location on every road that might be subjected to water. It is therefore imperative that motorists remain vigilant to potential for water over roads and to drive accordingly” said Mayor Jayo.

Road closures will be reported on Council’s Disaster Dashboard as they occur, and residents are urged to monitor the Disaster Dashboard for further information on road conditions if intending to drive about.

Mayor Jayo indicated that the Disaster Dashboard is updated daily by 7.00am and 2.00pm. Updating will also occur on an exception basis outside of these times if required (i.e if a closed road opens or another road is closed.)

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