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Kirks Bridge Replacement

Council is pleased to announce that local contractor Keita Services Pty Ltd has been awarded the tender HSC 20/26 Kirks Bridge Replacement – Design and Construct, for the tendered price of $1,648,313 (excl. GST).

Kirks Bridge is located on Liborios Road, Upper Stone and the replacement bridge will increase the trafficable width from 4.42m to 6.8m and in height by 1m. The upgrade is an InQuik Bridging System, which is an innovative semi-modular construction method to build reinforced concrete bridges. The replacement bridge will be positioned just upstream of the current bridge. The current bridge will remain open to the public whilst these works are undertaken.

Kirks Bridge was identified for renewal following a level three inspection undertaken in 2019. It identified that the bridge girders were in poor condition, with heavy decay present throughout. This triggered the need for an option analysis to determine the most cost effective design for its replacement.

‘Consideration was given to undertake a refurbishment of the existing timber bridge, however it was deemed that the most cost effective long term solution was to undertake a full bridge replacement using a concrete structure,’ Mayor Jayo said.

A Cultural Heritage Duty of Care Survey and Assessment took place on Tuesday 20 July 2021. Clearing works have commenced and it is noted that no old growth or riparian vegetation will be cleared for the development project (with the exception of introduced grasses and weeds on the lower river banks).

Motorists are advised to exercise extreme caution whilst traveling in the area. Council would like to thank you for your cooperation during this necessary phase of works.

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