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Hinchinbrook waste mobile app

Remembering to take the bin out has never been easier. Council is excited to announce the official launch of the #dontwastehinchinbrook app.

The new app developed by the MAMS Group in partnership with the Hinchinbrook Shire Council can take the hassle out of putting your bin out.

The #dontwastehinchinbrook app allows residents to enter their residential address and receive information on domestic wheelie bin collection for their area.

The app has features such as reminders for the next collection and provides waste sorting tips.

‘This is a marvellous way to ensure residents put their bin out on the correct day to ensure timely collection,’ said Cr Lancini.

‘Residents can also submit forms for damaged bins, stolen bins, missed services, bin issues or general enquiries. Put simply, the app takes the hassle out of remembering what goes in what bin, and helps service our region with plenty of information about waste,’ said Louise Lannen, Business Manager of the MAMS group.

The app is extremely user friendly and Council encourages residents to download the #dontwastehinchinbrook app via the Apple Store or Google Play.

MAMS Group has fully funded the #dontwastehinchinbrook app in partnership with Council.

For further information or enquiries please contact Council’s Waste and Compliance Coordinator, Veronica Aster on 4776 4600.

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