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Hinchinbrook Budding Leaders Go Head-To-Head in Rural Management Challenge 2021

‘The Hinchinbrook Way Forward’ Council Team. Left to Right: Chantelle Pinnington, Arriell Scuderi, Hannah Gilbert-Ball, Breanna Camp and Elizabeth Rankin.

Hinchinbrook Shire Council is proud to announce its participation in the Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA), Rural Management Challenge for 2021.

The event will bring teams head-to-head from across the region to exercise and develop a range of managerial skills that endures tangible benefits for individuals, teams and organisations.

Five promising leaders from Council have been selected to participate in the annual LGMA Rural Management Challenge hosted by Cassowary Coast Regional Council in Innisfail on Wednesday 20 October 2021.

The Challenge is based on the successful concept of the Australasian Management Challenge, a simulation-based, innovative development opportunity that is a convergence of ideas, energy, academic rigour and practical application – the elements which develop great leadership.

Throughout Challenge day, teams will experience a range of tasks that simulate different business-related tasks and activities that utilises themes that a senior management team in real local governments encounter on a day-to-day basis.

As these tasks or issues may differ from team member’s usual roles, it provides an exemplary opportunity to broaden the understanding of a council’s responsibilities and to develop individual and team skills including communication and presentation skills, influencing and negotiation skills, and managing resources and time.

Teams are observed throughout the day and tasks are scored by experienced markers and observers based on their ability to synergise, communicate, prioritise and produce required products for the Challenge.

Hinchinbrook Shire Council takes pride in participating in this annual Challenge, with 2021 being the first year an all-female team has been selected.

Hinchinbrook Shire Council Mayor Ramon Jayo said, “On behalf of Council we wish the Council Team all the best for the 2021 Challenge.  I trust that you will have a positive learning experience that you can share with your peers and return with renewed insight and a fresh outlook.”

Council’s CEO Kelvin Tytherleigh added, “The Management Challenge is a great opportunity to develop future Council leaders and I look forward to hearing from the team when they return to Hinchinbrook.”

Further information on the LGMA Rural Management Challenge can be found at

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