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Flying Fox Management Program

Image by Kieran Volpe, from January 2020.

Despite Council’s success in relocating the Black Flying Foxes to date, seasonal change is likely to cause an influx of Little Red Flying Foxes.

Council wishes to remind residents that morning dispersal activities, including audible deterrents and the use of bird fright, will remain ongoing between 5.00am and 7.30am each morning to dissuade any animals from attempting to roost in undesirable locations.

It is recommended that all pets are secured during operation times.

Private landowners are reminded that if flying foxes land in your trees, you are permitted to dissuade them from staying by use of non destructive disturbance techniques including smoke, water sprinklers, visual deterrents such as imitation predators, bright lights and noise from various commercial or improvised products.

Please do not attempt to touch a flying fox with bare hands.

For further information on what you can and cannot do with flying foxes, please visit the Department of Environment and Science website at

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